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Title: World Cup 90 Bootleg owners, I need pics to fix mine!
Post by: itsdanik on October 15, 2018, 04:21:32 pm
I got my hands on a World Cup 90 Bootleg JAMMA board that had no audio whatsoever and intermittent RAM problems.
After a good cleanup, recap and resoldering on some corroded or cold solder pads, the RAM problems went away.
Then I noticed at the upper left corner that a lot of parts had been removed from the audio section. The volume trimmer was missing.
Since I didn't know the exact value, I put one I had lying around (I don't even remember its value, it was the only one I had).
Of course its range sucks (does minimal difference when you turn it all the way), but it did get the sound working.  :D (just can't adjust volume by much)
Also, now I can hear the music playing faintly in the background. When I found pics of my board (or at least similar enough) I saw that other boards have 3 or 4 more resistors than my board has. Took a loot at the bottom of the board, and, sure enough, they were once there, but they have been removed.

So if someone has the same board maybe he could post some hi-res pics of the area so that I can make out the color coding of the resistors and put the same ones in my board, fixing the music problem and restoring this board to 100%, I would be grateful!