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Title: Multiple controller set-up issues
Post by: JaguarWong on June 02, 2018, 05:45:07 pm
Hi there,

I've just been scrabbling around the internet trying to figure out an issue I'm having in Maximus 2.10 and found this forum - hoping someone here can help:

Having finished my Bar-top on a budget project a while ago I finally just got around to adding a plinth with hidden wheel and peddles (Video here if you're interested (

When I get into a game and can configure the analog controls it works great - the issue is that before I can get into a game Maximus seems to have an issue with telling the wheel apart from the existing joystick controller. It sees any input from either device as coming from 'Joy_1' in the 'view' tab of the controller menu.

This wouldn't be a big deal but unfortunately it causes the cursor on the game selection menu to wizz down to the bottom and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it.

Interestingly in the MAME setup it happily logs all inputs from the wheel and peddles as coming from 'Joy_2' - so it does seem to be a specific problem with Maximus.

As I said up top, hope someone can help - cheers in advance.