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Title: US/TX/ODESSA Sell WTS Vinyl Graphics
Post by: Agearcade11 on September 07, 2017, 10:41:45 pm
Hi. My name is Adrian. I don't do retail or have a website. I offer a cheaper alternative to printing services for arcade graphics. It can be marquees, side art, cpo art, or anything to do with graphics. It is adhesive vinyl which not may be that great of a quality as high pressure laminate but still good enough and durable. The only thing I won't do is contour cuts but I can print anything for you. Buyer pays shipping and provides custom artwork.  Pm me if you are interested. Thanks.

Adhesive Vinyl - What I'm offering Charging $20 for a 2' x 2' set of bar top arcade side art set $40 - $60 for full side art sets. Anything else in between.

Graphics were applied to MDF.

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High Pressure Laminate - Paid $60 for a 2' x 2' set
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Yes i paid for a laminate set which you can tell is more glossy. I printed one incorrectly and couldn't use it so I decided to print it myself and the green side didn't come out too bad.