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Title: question bout tv/card
Post by: Dylan on June 04, 2002, 10:08:34 pm
I posted this on the video card/tv fourm like 1 day before it (seems) closed.
Anyway i never got to read any reply's if any .
so here i go.
I am interested in a video card and like many here say as been posted many times before ati is best to go.
i need a card that can
1. bootup in s-video at boot without a monitor
2. be full screen :)
I know this can be done with hwstrech but are there any ati cards that can do 1.
i know to get around this u can use scan converters  but again can they worrk at bootup ?.
Also i have a OLD  sony trinitron 24" PVM2010QM video monitor
i tryed to find pictures of it and specs on the net but couldnt
its not a tv but can be used as a tv if connected to a vcr , it can also be used as a monitor for a computer so im to sure bout this device can someone give me iformation on it ? :) i thinking of using it with tv out card.
Title: Re: question bout tv/card
Post by: random24 on June 05, 2002, 06:00:35 am
My ATI Radeon VE boots up displayed to the tv.  I had to install windows with a monitor connected and then activate the tv display in the driver but then I deactivated the monitor and now it only displays through the TV.
Title: Re: question bout tv/card
Post by: toilet on June 05, 2002, 07:21:00 am
This is a fairly common question. You should try searching for ATI, NVidia, TV-OUT, etc. FWIW,

I have an Nvidia GF2U with S-Video out and an S-Video -> RCA adapter. It will boot up to the TV, including bios boot screen, with no monitor attached. With the Nvidia cards you need to be careful since their tv-out chipsets vary, and some are worse than others. There was a good chunk of black border around the TV, and the image was not resizable or adjustable.

I just received an ATI Radeon 7500 DDR w/ TV-Out. It's sitting in its box. Supposedly the TV-Out is a lot better and much more manageable, though I haven't hooked it up yet.