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Title: MaLa 0.174 -> 0.182 Beta upgrade question?
Post by: GlynH on February 07, 2017, 05:33:32 am
Hi here,

I have been using MaLa 0.174 in conjunction with MAME 0.146 for what seems like ages and I would like to upgrade to later versions.

As this is a MaLa forum let me ask if there are any issues with just copying the MaLa 0.182 Beta executable on top of the 0.174 version?

I've already done it and it seems to be working OK but I just wanted peace of mind!

I might also upgrade MAME from its current 0.146-> 0.161 as the next version 0.162 has some pretty big changes in it but thats probably a separate question in the software forum...unless someone here can answer that question as well! :)

Thanks & kind regards,