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Title: Generic Eric's Project Tracker
Post by: Generic Eric on January 07, 2015, 05:43:26 pm
So yesterday, I searched the 89 or so pages of posts I have made and this is what I came up with.  I had other ideas, but these are the things Iím still interested in. 

Console stand May 2013 (,132528.msg1361755.html#msg1361755)
Philco 41-300 May 2013 (,132393.msg1360102.html#msg1360102)
Aftermarket Ms. Pac Man OCT 2013 (,135196.msg1395478.html#msg1395478)
Game of Boxes DEC 2013 (,136190.msg1407651.html#msg1407651)
Life is like a box of chocolates and Arcade Cabinet building is a game of boxes.  The quest for designing a generic Dynamo for the emulation generation.
Jukebox brainstorm  JAN 2014 (,137490.msg1418660.html#msg1418660)
Acrylic Bending Table feb 2014 (,134263.msg1419895.html#msg1419895)

Initiated Projects:
Year of Star Wars (,139687.msg1478981.html#msg1478981)
Bro Storm SEP 2014 (,141602.msg1465704.html#msg1465704)
Wide-Bodied lowboy AUG 2010 (,104844.msg1210834.html#msg1210834) *I was almost done, but I don't really like anything about it.  So I think I'm going to take it apart.
OUYA MAME MAR 2014 (,138148.msg1426915.html#msg1426915)
Presenting LED Taito!  APR 2014 (,138805.0.html)
Basement rehab JUNE 2014 (,139692.msg1445348.html#msg1445348)
Barrel of Kong with a DK on the side  JULY 2014 (,139984.msg1448484.html#msg1448484)
I'd like to build a Barrel of Kong with the DK logo on the side as seen on Donkey Kong Country

2014 PC Cobble DEC 2014 (,143060.msg1483440.html#msg1483440)
This is where I'll keep track of my MAME PC