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Title: ST:TNG Reset Issue
Post by: prestonwii on February 24, 2013, 08:52:54 pm
I've already searched Google and used various repair guide without much success and I'd really like to fix this machine without replacing every component that might possible cause the problem, like throwing darts at a dart board. So, I've turned here to see if anyone has had a similar problem as me.

As you can tell of the topic name, I have a ST:TNG pin with a reset issue. I've had these with a few other machines and I test the bridge rectifier and replace it when it tests bad and everything works again. I've done that with this machine without success. Well, maybe a month or two of working until the problem comes back again. That seems to be a trend with this problem. I'll try a fix and it will work for a little while, from days to months, but the problem returns. It seems to have gotten worse and nothing that I've tried has fixed it.

The machine is now resetting at the slightest tap of a flipper button, both the right and left, so I don't think it is the flippers themselves. Just before I tested it to write this, the machine would not actually come back up even after a hard reset. It seems that as long as the capacitors have juice in them, the machine refuses to even start up.

If we go back in time a little bit, I had a problem with the top lower diverter burning out (it got really fried bad) and it had to be replaced; clearly it some how got stuck on and burnt out. I replaced it and the machine worked fine, but the fuse the runs the lower diverters and the drop target up and down (it might have been F103, but I'm not 100% sure of the top of my head) kept blowing. I haven't had that happen in while, but I'm not sure if that problem is complete resolved either.

So, instead of just replacing everything in the machine hoping to fix the problem, I thought I'd see a little bit of guidance from anyone that has dealt with this issue or can offer advice.

Thanks in advance and I'll see happy to test anything and post any information that would be helpful.
Title: Re: ST:TNG Reset Issue
Post by: ed12 on February 24, 2013, 10:31:17 pm
once u can get the machine to boot
put it in :test-mode: chk for a stuck switch
1 is colsed and or the diode is shorted
causing a reset.
u found the problem but over looked a few thing's

Title: Re: ST:TNG Reset Issue
Post by: MameMaster! on February 25, 2013, 02:00:09 pm
Subscribe to Clay's Pinball Ninja website ($20 bucks for the year).....he's covered this issue at least a half dozen time and almost always all lead back to the Z connector to the Aux power board.

Basically you can cut off the Z and just connect the wires directly.

I really recommend checking out his fixes- he has some detailed vids about this fix.

Personally on my STTNG I replaced my flunky power board and the fluky aux board. My machine hasn't had a problem since.

Title: Re: ST:TNG Reset Issue
Post by: smartbomb2084 on February 27, 2013, 08:14:24 am
If you have read the repair guides on this then that means you have checked ALL the connectors related to the +5V?  Including the MOLEX connector at the transformer?

There is seldom a 'One Button Magic Fix All' for these things.