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Title: X Arcade Xbox360 Revision Two Interface Review
Post by: ark_ader on April 29, 2011, 11:53:48 am
I have been wanting to play all my favourite games that are on the Xbox 360 with the X arcade system, and finding it to be a clumsy affair until just recently.  Previous incarnations require a collection of adapters and wired xbox 360 controllers to get around the protections presented to unofficial 3rd party Xbox products.

I have beta tested the new 3-in-one X arcade adapters and the PS3/Xbox Adapters with success with the many console I own and use on a weekly basis, this adapter slipped through without word from Xgaming and I was able to procure the adapter locally from gremlinsolutions/Arcade World.

The previous version called revision one of the Xbox 360 adapter used a PSX adapter from Xgaming to make the interface work.  Having a 3-in-one adapter which has DC/PSX/GC and Wii interface, I already had a PSX interface laying around and it plugged in and worked first time.

There is no lag, and all the arcade stick related games work perfectly.  There are extra buttons on the interface that is not documented, and can only think that these features would help if Microsoft were to change anything to make this adapter inoperable. There is a wheel and gamepad selector, which is a big plus as I can use my F1 PS2 wheel with the Xbox 360. It helps to have the 4 way operation one one side of the X Arcade as Pacman CE is very responsive.  I have yet to explore all the other games like Fable III and Limbo, which should work great.

The button layout is very similar to the original xbox adapter, with only a small modification, which was very welcomed.  This adapter would be very helpful if the X Arcade owner had a CP in their cabinet.  Mine is on a DB9 switch box which connects to all the consoles.  In addition I use a STATUS remote controlled power unit(s) that can power on 3 (or a group of) consoles, and can be picked up at ASDA for a 5.

I was going to mod a Datel Pro, but with this version of the Xbox 360 X Gaming adapter, I saved myself 20 and some solder free fingers.  Like the other adapters the Analog controls are emulated as is the D-Pad.

The only issue I find is when I try to back out of a game and go into dashboard.  The Dashboard gets stuck in a loop looking for a device to save to.  I have emailed Xgaming for a solution, and clarification on the external buttons on the interface, and will update this review on the outcomes.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.  ;D

I'm looking forward to serious sessions of Street Fighter now with the X Arcade.  :applaud:
Title: Re: X Arcade Xbox360 Revision Two Interface Review
Post by: HaRuMaN on April 29, 2011, 01:15:24 pm
Why did they put A & B in backwards?
Title: Re: X Arcade Xbox360 Revision Two Interface Review
Post by: ark_ader on May 02, 2011, 01:00:42 pm
Well after a few days with this device, I tried lots of games with it, with very good results.  As an additional benefit the device works out of the box with the PC.  Windows 7 detected the X arcade and all the buttons work and I managed to sneak some time in with MrDo!

Now I finally have something to plug into that USB switchbox I have laying around...

The wheel controller will have to wait as it needs huge amounts of desk space to clamp on, but that would be a really cool adapter if it works.  Did I mention you can use a PS2 controller with your Xbox 360 adapter too?  :applaud:

X Gaming as usual were very quick to return my emails on the adapter and managed to clarify some issues like the X button.  The X button was not a future proofing facility, but the X button on the 360 controller.  Its a pretty dumb place to stick it if you are cabling in a cabinet or experiencing cable hell.  Believe me cable hell is a real place, and it I experience it behind my desk.  But with little real estate on the device, I would have preferred to lose player two button instead.

Do you think my PS2 light guns will work with it?   :lol
Title: Re: X Arcade Xbox360 Revision Two Interface Review
Post by: ark_ader on May 02, 2011, 05:40:43 pm
Why did they put A & B in backwards?

They didn't I got an email back from X gaming today and they said they had made an error on the image.

Also I kinda figured out how to stop the looping from game and dashboard.  You press Player1+Back+A+B and it clears it.  I think it has something to do with the Xbox 360 controller status.  I have been learning XNA and it has happened before..... :lol  Or I am cursed, either way.

I broke my PacMan CE record of 2 million (OK its lame) but the adapter is definitely better than the Xbox 360 controller.
Title: Re: X Arcade Xbox360 Revision Two Interface Review
Post by: MiahXGaming on May 03, 2011, 04:01:33 pm
Just to clarify a few things here, the PS2-360 adapter was not made by us, but a 3rd-party. We thoroughly tested it before allowing it to be sold for X-Arcade use, it has no lag and works wonderfully. We have sold many of them over the last several months, everyone is happy with them.

The loop mentioned above is actually a function of our PS2 adapter that the PS2-360 adapter also uses for the Guide button, so it is the only imperfection. You will find info on a workaround to use it in the Guide Button section at the link below, and there is a Guide button on the adapter itself as well as a headset jack for Live play.

Here is the correct button layout for the PS2-360 adapter with the X-Arcade: (
Title: Re: X Arcade Xbox360 Revision Two Interface Review
Post by: AldousHxlE on July 15, 2011, 03:32:48 pm
I just wanted to add that I picked up the X-Arcade to Xbox 360 adapter package a few weeks back and absolutely love it! Its not only that I can use my X-Arcade with my 360, but that I can use PS2 pads as 360 controllers too (whose D-pads are far superior to the 360's). I've had no issues using the adapters, and can't see any lag whatsoever with the many games I've tested with. Highly recommended!