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Title: Amiga in Maximus Arcade Tutorial
Post by: nickynooch on August 14, 2010, 03:07:00 pm
I'll be honest I never messed with Amiga in maximus... however I found the info below to be useful if I ever did.
I know some of the links he used are dead (including his WHDSorter tool), but it seems to be that you could get it set up without it. 

The more I read this it seems like the only real links you need are the ones that still work.  So this outta be good enough to get it working in maximus arcade.  Sounds like the you really dont need the whdsorter or the screenshot archive links... just ignore step 6 and 7, and you should be good.

If I end up tackling this on my cab, I'll post my 2 cents.

From Fats on the old forum...


Hi Guys,

I successfully managed to get some decent WinUAE integration in Maximus. See this ( post for more info, it's where I started.

I made a quick tool in C# to automatically fix the names of the WHD zips and to move/rename the screenshots so that they also show up in Max.

I'm not going to go into every detail, but here's a rough outline of how to get WinUAELoader working with Maximus and WinUAE for those that are completely stuck:

1. Download and extract WinUAE ( ( and WinUAELoader ( ( Configure paths in WinUAE and WinUAELoader. See here (;all) for more info on WinUAELoader.

2. Get the correct Amiga Kickstart ROMs. In the current versions of WinUAE, the ROMs are hash checked for authenticity so you must have the right ones. You'll know they're correct when a winUAE romscan says "Available". You need kickstarts 1.3 and 3.1, but you need a 3.1 kick from both the A1200 and A4000 to work with whdload.

3. Copy the 1.3 and 3.1 kickstarts to WinUAELoader\WHD\Devs\Kickstarts. All this is covered in the WinUAELoader readme, but you need to rename each rom to the same name as the .RTB files, without an extension ie. "kick40068.a1200".

4. Grab some WHD files. Put them all in a directory on their own (no subdirs). Leave them zipped as they come.

5. Check that WinUAELoader is working by running a test game from the UI (Tools tab). If it's not working from here, it definitely won't work from Maximus.

6. Once you have WinUAELoader running some games, grab the screenshot archive from ( Extract it to a screenshots\ folder somewhere. I have dirs under my main WinUAE folder for roms and screens ie. WinUAE\roms\WHDLoad, WinUAE\screens. Notice that the screenshot archive is sorted alphabetically into subdirs. Leave it like this when extracting.

7. Time to grab my WHDSorter tool from here (

*** Unfortunately, the tool requires .NET framework 3.5 (it may work with 2.0 but I haven't tested it), and that'll be a long download and install from Microsoft - google it. ***

Extract WHDSorter and open the WHDSorter.exe.config file in Notepad. Edit the four path/filenames to match your setup. The SortedXML document is the tool's output file.

Don't run the tool yet, we'll finish the rest of the setup first.

8. Maximus config. Run Maximus and go to the Configuration tab and drop down Commodore Amiga. Instead of WinUAE, use WinUAELoader as your executable, with the following command line:

-mode whdload -game %file

Point the roms dir to where you placed your WHD zips, and the screens dir to the root of the extracted screenshot archive (the one with the alphabetic subdirs).

At this point, make sure that Maximus runs WinUAELoader and your selected games. You don't have to go any further than this, if you're happy with the messy names and lack of screenshots.

*** Using WHDSorter to fix WHD game names and Screenshots

Once you've set up all of the above, you're ready to run WHDSorter.exe to fix your game names and screenshots for Maximus.

What the tool does is look at the WHDLoad.xml file and fix things from there. An example line in the xml file is as follows:

<Game Name="Alien Syndrome" FileName="" ScrnshotFilename="A/Alien_Syndrome_.png" ...................... />
That's the only part the tool is interested in. Here's what happens...

For each Game in WHDLoad.xml
- Read "Name"
- Read "FileName"
- Find WHD zip file in roms dir with name "FileName"
- Rename zip file to "Name".zip (removing bad characters)
- Replace FileName in xml file with new WHD zip filename
- Find screenshot on disk
- Copy it to root of screens directory and rename it to "Name".png
Save modified XML file as Sorted.xml

So, in the above example, the new line on the XML file would read:

<Game Name="Alien Syndrome" FileName="Alien" ScrnshotFilename="A/Alien_Syndrome_.png" ...................... />

and the file C:\Emulators\WinUAE\roms\WHDLoad\ would be renamed to C:\Emulators\WinUAE\roms\WHDLoad\Alien and the file C:\Emulators\WinUAE\screens\a\Alien_Syndrome_.png would be moved to C:\Emulators\WinUAE\screens\ and renamed Alien Syndrome.png.

All you should have to do is run WHDSorter.exe, then rename your Sorted.xml output file to WHDLoad.xml. Don't forget to back up the old WHDLoad.xml file first!

I'll attempt to answer any questions, but you should make sure that Maximus/WinUAE/WinUAELoader are all working together before attempting to use my tool to do your renames.
Title: Re: Amiga in Maximus Arcade Tutorial
Post by: jimmy2x2x on August 29, 2010, 06:46:12 am
Having a couple of issues with this!

Ive got everything installed and working to the degree that it will load games using the above method.

The problem is that my keys are not sticking, I have defined them in winuaeloader and winuae, but it still uses the default keys in the emulator.

Title: Re: Amiga in Maximus Arcade Tutorial
Post by: nickynooch on August 29, 2010, 03:30:29 pm
I still haven't done it yet, but if you have difficulty with mapping the keys, you could always use xpadder or joy2key to do that.  I know that is always what I did if I had key mapping issues.  Pretty easy workaround if you can't get it working right in the emulator itself.
Title: Re: Amiga in Maximus Arcade Tutorial
Post by: jimmy2x2x on August 29, 2010, 04:20:48 pm
Sure, that is something I might try as a last resort.

I has hoping that HeadKaze might be able to respond, there is another user with the exact same issue
in the thread for WinUAE Loader (

Although it looks like its a dead thread and a dead project.

Title: Re: Amiga in Maximus Arcade Tutorial
Post by: jimmy2x2x on August 29, 2010, 05:45:39 pm
Well for now, I have dropped winuae loader and gone back to winuae with .adf files

Now my controls work fine

I might just leave it like this tbh, the main game I missed from the amiga was Turrican II, and that is working fine here.

If anyone manages to get remapped controls working with winuae loader, please post here!

Title: Re: Amiga in Maximus Arcade Tutorial
Post by: jimmy2x2x on December 18, 2011, 11:14:03 am
Does anyone still have the WHDSorter tool mentioned above?