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Title: Birdie King with X-Arcade trackball
Post by: Scotty on May 22, 2010, 08:44:56 am
Just got an X-Arcade Tankstick, and I love it. Had a HotRod SE since it came out, and finally got the X-Arcade. Anyhow... Has anyone been able to get the Birdie King trilogy working with a trackball? I have found the adjustments for most all the other stuff (Missle Command, Ceni/Milipede, Golden Tee, World Class Bowling, Mini Golf, Gimmie a Break) and the rest, but I can not find the "sweet spot" for the Birdie King games. I have used other trackballs before, and had the same issue.

Also, I have not checked the MameTesters yet, but Birdie King is also off by quite a few pixels. It will be a good quarter inch from the bunker, and say it is in the bunker, it will have me hit from the water when the ball is totally surrounded by blue, and still give me an iron when I am clearly on the green. Is this a known issue?