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21   Buy/Sell/Trade - non-retail / WTB: Tron joystickon July 21, 2024, 11:02:29 am

Started by Wavfact - Last post by Wavfact

Anyone have a Tron joystick (Gorf or Satans Hallow) they are will to sell?

Started by jrpetrie - Last post by jrpetrie


23   Monitor/Video Forum / Re: GreenAntz RGB to component transcoderon July 20, 2024, 10:16:41 pm

Started by Zebidee - Last post by PL1

The printed parts should fit nicely together and screws should go in without needing a torque wrench  :lol The 3D print design should be somewhere near PL1's best practice criteria?
Great work as always, Ond!   :notworthy:
- That design should print fine on any printer with no supports or raft/brim.

Looks like it would be easy to add four heat-set threaded inserts for the screws that hold the top and bottom together and/or rubber feet (screw through the center, NOT adhesive!  Mouser P/N 534-723 are the best ones I've found, but you might need M4 or M5 hardware) if one were inclined to do so.

The only thing I see that you might consider beefing up is the alignment tabs.  They wil be strong enough once the lid screws are inserted, but are thin enough that they might break if there is some lateral force applied during assembly.  If they were taller, it would definitely be an issue.

To spitball an idea to make the case design a bit more versatile, a sneaky feature that you could add is three holes per LED for people who want to use non-translucent filament for the case.  That would allow the light-pipe idea that Zebidee mentioned earlier through a hole over the LED and mount a separate logo on the other two holes.  Maybe design an alternate logo that mounts over all three holes for people who don't care about the LEDs.   :dunno


Started by Wade - Last post by Wade

Occasionally someone reaches out about this, but it sold.

Started by abispac - Last post by abispac

By taking a closer look at this picture, it looks like the zone 3 cable goes to the back of the juke, and then some audio cables are routed to the top, wich makes me think they are going to the sonny speakers on the side of the juke, so hopefully yes , there's a red box in there hahaha, I hate waiting for this, I want to get ma hands on it already hahaha.

26   Monitor/Video Forum / Re: GreenAntz RGB to component transcoderon July 20, 2024, 06:26:45 pm

Started by Zebidee - Last post by Ond

Ond, that already looks great!

I too prefer curves in the right places, no need for hard edges/corners. Sure, it is a box, but it doesn't have to look boxy.

So that is how the "clear" comes out - basically a slightly opaque white. But that looks good too, and the power LED is visible through it. Which means the design would also accommodate v1.94 with a sync LED.

I concur with you about the logo too - simple is better. Will assemble a modest zip package of files and PM you the link in next couple of days. You can take what you need from that.

Nice work! Thank you! Love the members price <3

Thanks Zeb, yes the artwork would be a nice finishing touch. I've made some final adjustments (see below) after realizing there is in fact room for individual RCA port holes. For some reason I was thinking about the outer plug plastic sheath diameter's not having enough room instead of the metal plug parts.

Great work on that Ond.
Always nice to see the product of someone with a great mind and eye for design.
I'm still trying to catch up on projects among crises here but I'm looking forward to my next raster build!

Thanks bobby, you've become one of my fav builders here. Love your vector AND raster work! I hope you do keep building,  I always find inspiration in your work.
It's just cold here right now so I prefer working on the computer doing design stuff until the weather warms up again and I can get back to cabinet building.

As usual I can't rest up on a project (even a mini one) until I've tweaked it to my satisfaction. I think it is adequate now. I've tested with readily available screws and the GreenAntz board that I have. The printed parts should fit nicely together and screws should go in without needing a torque wrench  :lol The 3D print design should be somewhere near PL1's best practice criteria?

27   Main Forum / Re: Suggestion screen sizeon July 20, 2024, 06:18:01 pm

Started by loffer - Last post by BadMouth

22" is perfect in one orientation or the other, but if mounted horizontally the vertical games will feel small and vice versa.  If the cabinet is small, then it might not feel too awkward.
If there is room for the 22" to rotate, that could be the best of both worlds but will require some configuration if you want the rotation automated.,51.0.html

If you are only running MAME the 32" mounted vertically would look nice for games of both orientations and will also display the bezel artwork, but you might run into issues getting other emulators that aren't as flexible to play nice.  I haven't gone this route, so do not know what all is involved outside of MAME. It is pretty straightforward to set MAME up to work with this.
Others have done this so hopefully they will chime in.

Started by saint - Last post by Ond


Started by tommyinajar - Last post by negative1

Or, you could just cut your losses and get one of these...

sorry to be off topic,
but later this year, it will include the arcade rom, and might include pole position 2

| || | | |
ne gative 1

Started by abispac - Last post by abispac

I imagine those stands must have red or blue boxes to make the juke work with their non touchtunes speakers work

well... no, the speakers would hook up to the amp in the virtuo. since it's the IO board that does the audio... and it natively outputs and inputs balanced audio... AAANNND since you aren't going to be able to use the IO board when you do your conversion.... you need to replace it's audio function. this is where the Red DI box comes in.

see if your guy that you are buying this juke from has one. anyone dealing with touchtunes stuff should have amassed a bunch of DI boxes. but if not, let me know.
Thanks for the offer, yes , I cant wait to get my hand on this thing hahaha.
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