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Title: DWJukebox - video - meter mash-up
Post by: Dermbrian on April 09, 2016, 07:44:56 pm
Here's a video showing the startup and shutdown of this three-program (DWJukebox, SMPlayer, VUmeters) mash-up quasi-skin that I made and is currently my singles skin of choice.

It's not perfect, but once it's started up it's good for as long as the video plays (1.5 hours) without any other issues.  The video will replay at that point, and I have to then click on the jukebox program again to regain the focus, but that's all.

I've looked all over for a visuzliation like Geiss or Milkdrop that can run a standalone, always-on-top window.   I haven't found anything exciting yet.  WhiteCap 'platinum' version claims a standalone mode, but it's $30, so I'm not jumping on that just yet. There are other meters such as bar meters that could be used instead of the analog meters.  Some of those have a spectrum analyzer, but again I don't find them as interesting as the analog meters.

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