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Title: New widescreen skin (PSvga12w) for DWJukebox
Post by: Dermbrian on September 29, 2011, 07:35:14 pm
If you have a newer PC with a widescreen monitor (16:9 aspect ratio, like my MSI All-In-One touchscreen unit) and you like DWJukebox's 'old school' approach to jukebox emulation, check out my latest incarnation of my PhotoSkin.

*It now supports 12 user-supplied pictures that alternate in the center of the screen.
*The 'sign' at the top of the screen is easily modified
*The 'ad' to the right of the 'now playing' field is easily modified
*Don't like the color scheme?  The background colors can be pretty easily changed by using Paint and the bucket tool to fill the existing colors with colors of your choice.  The benefit of not having graphic skills for gradients, tints, raised buttons, etc.... :D (