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Started by TobiasRieper - Last post by buttersoft

Yeah the timer in Sega Raly is a known issue. I'm not sure if m2lagfix is meant to solve this specifically, i could never get it running. The only fix i've found is to get a good link. Some model2 games like the master to load slightly before the slave, some vice versa. It's the only way to get some games to link, and it helps others like Daytona and Sega Rally to work more stably.

Started by Megatouchmike - Last post by tlandrews

I bought a keyless 2014 off eBay and I get errors in some games would this fix my problem

Started by arzoo - Last post by arzoo

Hi, I'm using LEDBlinky with Maximus Arcade, is it possible to blink the leds to the rhythm of the Maximus ambience mp3?
Yes, using an audio animation when the FE (Maximus Arcade) is active would most likely do what you want.

4   Software Forum / Re: MAME 0.244 Released!on Yesterday at 10:09:48 pm

Started by Tafoid - Last post by Stiletto

Capping off MAME 0.244 release day, here's the Official MAME 0.244 Twitter, Instagram and Facebook links!

If you can support MAME on social media, please show our social media posts some love with Likes/Loves/Retweets/Shares/etc.! :)

Started by vholfx - Last post by vholfx

Thank you for your input. I should mention I'm thinking of a pretty basic workbench, connected to either 19" arcade monitor or a small 14" TV with RGB input, that's what I use for testing and repairs. So no upscaling involved, this is not intended for usage on modern TVs or anything of the like.

What I currently use is a JAMMA wire in a wooden box with buttons and a standard arcade PSU. I want to make it more compact and tidy things up a bit, so I'm considering a supergun board just to make things cleaner.

I'm concerned about exactly the kind of comment that you made, about some supergun voltage problems in the 12V rail and thinks like that, that is the kind of issues I want to avoid.

Started by Nitro0602 - Last post by Thomash01776

Hi -I know this is a very old thread BUT - there is now a patch to allow Sinden and AimTrak guns to work in this game! It is the Mystery Wizard Patch and you can find it here:

Good luck! :)

Started by vholfx - Last post by slickam

From what I remember Retroelectronik had a warehouse fire and shut down. Their supergun had poor quality control, with some people reporting buttons not working and problems like that.

The ones I see recommended are the HAS, Axunworks, and minigun. I don't know if the HAS is available to order right now (the creator does a batch every few months or so). I've seen some recent reports of the Axunworks supergun having inconsistent voltage on the 12V rail, and it's difficult to get (multiple month lead time, and the creator isn't responding to messages right now). The minigun is an open source project that you'd have to build yourself.

I haven't used one like you linked to, but I've heard warnings that a lot of superguns don't properly attenuate video signals, so if you're using an upscaler you could be shortening its life or in some cases killing it immediately.

8   Main Forum / Re: New hardware for groovymame 243on Yesterday at 07:48:46 pm

Started by haynor666 - Last post by Maxforwardspeed

I'm in a similar boat... currently have AMD A-10 3.5 Ghz quad core, but it struggles with a few of the 3D games. I was thinking about updating MAME and my romset, but not sure it would be worth the hassle and cost since I would probably need a faster CPU, main board, RAM, and power supply . Looks like I'll be sticking with my older version of MAME so I don't get any further performance hits!

9   Main Forum / Re: NOS BYOAC and Other Tokens for Sale! on Yesterday at 07:36:49 pm

Started by Santoro - Last post by tristan

I've been inactive for a while and just was scrolling through posts I missed in the past. I think I need a couple of these runs. I have 5 sets from way back and I was looking to convert some more games to tokens. I don't suppose you are still selling them?

Started by bbegin - Last post by Bsachetti

Got advmenu working... thanks!

Any guidance on how to get acceptable performance from the vector games or is this a known issue?

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