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Title: MAME Cab Audio via JAMMA (JPAC/JammASD)
Post by: malkneil on January 10, 2022, 09:19:02 am
Hello All,

Getting close to having my Candy cab build in a functioning state.  The last big hurdle seems to be audio.  I'll concede up front I don't know a ton about computer audio or audio generally, so bear with me.

My current setup uses a JPAC to interface from my MAME PC to my Candy cab.  Got the video largely sorted out.  For the audio, in short I want to go from the PC audio out jack to my cabinet -- I think -- through the Jamma/JPAC connection.

I know the JPAC has +/- screw down connectors for audio, and I've done some poking around on the forums and it's not clear to me if I could simply connect the wires from an audio jack from the PC to these connectors.  My Impress cab has a volume pot inside it so would it be reasonable to think that it would take care of amplifying the signal from the PC to the Impress' speakers?

On top of this I've read there are issues going from what I think is a stereo signal coming out of the PC to mono in the cab -- can anyone elaborate on this?  Is there potential to damage anything here?

Lastly, I stumbled upon a competitor to the JPAC called JammASD which seems to directly accept an audio jack plug.  It also has a mono/stereo switch and an onboard volume pot (as well as screw-downs to mount an external volume pot).  This seems intriguing and if I can get one of these and simply plug directly from my PC into it and be able to adjust volume on the JammASD (or externally) that would be excellent.

Any advice or experience with these hardware solutions out there?  Thanks.