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Title: Save yourself 10% and get a nice book :P
Post by: ViciousXUSMC on February 11, 2009, 06:24:46 am
Just thought I would share my deal huntn' skills with everybody.

If your not familar with Microsofts cash back program, its pretty easy,  Just log into a site via there search engine, pay for something with paypal and after so much time pases you get the money back as a %

It was made big by ebay as they had 30% cash back on ebay for awhile...  ebay deals are gone but once in awhile you find other good deals.  In this case I noticed Barnes & Noble currently have 10% cash back.

So log onto this page:

Click the barnes & noble 10% off link.

Go buy your book, sit tight in like 2 months (yes it takes a long time but you get it back when you dont expect it like a bonus) you get your money back.