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Title: Couple of requests/questions
Post by: Silver on June 12, 2006, 08:05:20 pm

Really liking SK jukebox, couple of questions:

Any way/chance of having more than 4 albums on screen? (Without track listings)

I'm setting up a touchscreen, and although mouse support works a treat, when using the jump command the on-screen keyboard is too small to use accurately, even on a 15" touchscreen (and not that pretty). Any way to use either a large font list of letters, or even better popup an overlay grahic to press?

Same applies to the Find menu. The scroll bars are rather too small to hit on a touchscreen. Also is there any way to set the size of the find window before it pops up?

Title: Re: Couple of requests/questions
Post by: SalmonKing on June 15, 2006, 02:18:11 am
Thanks for the feedback.

Currently 4 albums is the only view, and adding in more than that will be hell (i.e. it's not something I can see changing any time soon)!   >:D ;D

Part of the work I have been doing on the touchscreen support will be to put arrows on either side of the letter (or underneath), that you will be able to hit easily, then you hit the letter to select it.

For the find screen, you should be able to adjust the size of scroll bars in Control Panel - Display - Appearance - Advanced.  There's nothing I can do internally to change those scroll bars, they just use the system settings.