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Title: Problems with Wurlitzer 1015 OTM...
Post by: Boris2021 on October 21, 2021, 12:37:52 am
I am attempting to help a friend who has a 1987 Wurlitzer 1015 OTM Juke Box. The records all flow through the process, but when the platter is laid onto the turntable, the tone arm can get past the first few grooved into the song. I have the manual, but it doesn't help with this topic. I have purchased a new needle to replace the 1987 needle. I also notice that the majority of the records are not flat platters. When I tried a 'new' 45 the tone arm did the same thing. The needle would drop in place, but it wasn't moving into the groove of the rest of the record. I took some very thin paper and placed it between the back of the housing that holds the tone arm. There is a screw and nut in the back that is spring loaded. At first it seemed to help with a few of the records, but on other records it would either start too far into the record, the needle wouldn't go in far enough for the platter to be removed, or the needle would jump.

The machine is balanced. It just appears that the tone arm needs a little more groove to keep getting into the grooves. It looks like the tone arm can only move on one plane. It's no like a regular record player that goes up and down if the record is even slightly warped. Also, since the arm is spring loaded, if there was a way of relieving some of the tension maybe it would continue moving into the groove of the records.

Lastly ( I know...too long), I was wondering if it could be the records. They have been played since 1987 and there might be a few in there from the 60s. Maybe the grooves are worn down and that might be causing the problem.

I have a feeling when (and if) I receive anything from someone out there it probably will be a simple two sentence answer. I wanted to give you everything. Hope I did give enough to information. Please help.
Title: Re: Problems with Wurlitzer 1015 OTM...
Post by: whammoed on October 27, 2021, 03:56:51 pm
What happens if you manually move the tone arm over a bit?  Will it start playing the record as normal?