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Title: ATTN Paint Pros: Wet Sanding Rustoleum Satin Black?
Post by: 601 Arcades on October 11, 2021, 06:52:01 am
Hey everyone! So I've been restoring a cabinet, and usually I use a foam roller and brushes to paint the cab. This year my wife got me an HVLP sprayer and I actually sprayed a cab for the first time ever! Overall I'm happy, but there are a few spots where my wrist wasn't quite as steady and I got a touch of orange peel.

I know of people wet sanding and making them look as smooth as laminate, but I have no clue how that's done, and if you can even do it with oil based paints.

I shot 2 kinda thick coats of Killz Original (oil) and 2 kinda thick coats of Rustoleum Satin Black (oil too).

Can some one tell me if this is possible to smooth down some of the rougher spots, and if it is doable, explain the process please?

What I know: Wet the cab, use high grit sandpaper (ie 1500-3000) but that's the extent of what I know about it. lol

Thank you in advance!