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Title: So I made an active marquee for my 1up and please don't laugh...
Post by: Vocalitus on September 21, 2021, 09:01:10 pm
I had one of those USB AOC monitors laying around getting scratched up and I looked at it and then my MK...why not?

Simple hobby board furniture cushions to stop the original marquee from scratching (had to touch it up afterwards), file hangers from office depot ($5), Onn USB 3 extender hub ($5).

I wanted to see if the Bigbox would work with the display port and it does very well.

I also got a hang onn TV Top Shelf for yep you guessed it ($5) at wallymart on clearance for the PS2 Camera and Dolphin Bar.


I got the monitor off Amazon for $60 with a gift card from work. It just needs cleaning. 

Ok tell me what's wrong.   :laugh2:  I know about the buttons and it is too low....