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Title: MaLa FrontEnd Request Missing Layouts
Post by: Joaquim2020 on July 30, 2020, 06:49:01 am
Hello, i'm new here.
Well it seems the website is down for a long time, so i try to use wayback machine to get all the database, and i got at least 80% of them, only i miss a few Layouts to complete the collection.
Here's the missing Layout Files.

DOS by Alup

LCARS (simple) by Trevor (Captain Stabby) Harmon

Mame Evolution by AnimalBear

Nanocade by Koenigs
Neocade v1.0 by Bu2t
Neo-Kof by XERF84
NES Layout updated by Sardu

PacMala by Imperator
Plasma by dungbeetle46
Punch-Out by Mike Boss

ScummVM Adventures by GabrielWest
sega genesis by Daniny Tey
skull ninja by AndrewBean90
Spiderman by dungbeetle46

Thanksgiving '08 by System01
the void by chaos

Can someone had a backup of this?
If you need pics of the missing layouts i was able to post it, i got them all.
A picture what i have at the moment.

Note: In the end i can share the package if someone can able to save this.

Thank you!  :D