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Title: Wells Gardner 25K7401 composite decoder connections and compatibility
Post by: miken2av on October 11, 2021, 12:06:36 pm
I have a Wells Gardner 25K7401 monitor.  I need to connect it to a composite video decoder board so I can connect it to a composite source.  I would actually rather connect it to a VGA source but not sure that is possible.

The composite video boards I have available are models WG P600 or PV177200.  It seems to me the P600 is for an older monitor and that I purchased the PV177200 when I purchased the monitor new in 2000.  The problem is I have no idea how to connect them and I guess I either lost the wiring harness or didn't order it?   

Not sure but in any case I need to get this working ASAP.   It is part of an exhibit.  The chassis will be mounted as a replacement in and old 60' tv cabinet.  The original WG monitor was installed in 1992 and is failing. (sometimes it will come on and sometimes it won't)  Picture tube is obviously starting to look pretty bad to.  All the other monitors in this exhibit I have been replacing with flat screens and because the exhibit is behind glass it doesn't look to bad.  I would replace this one with a flat screen as well but have not been able to find one this large that is in 4x3 ratio.  There are some wide screen monitors that have the right height and I could change the video format of the video (black bars on the side picture in the middle) but they won't fin it the cabinet.

I will include a few pictures.  Looking for guidance or if someone is confident they could put together a wiring harness for me that would work I am willing to pay.  I think i may need a isolation ac transformer for the power supply.  The old one may be fine or maybe it is the reason I am having problems?  It has a number on it (22-1022-00 549-9119)

I can see where RGBHV is labeled on the monitor board.  There is a connector labeled p202.  not sure if something needs to connect to that.  The newer decoder board has a 12v connection.  not sure if that gets power from the tv somewhere or if i need an external power supply.  Also not sure if it is ac or dc.  assuming ac.  The reason I brought up VGA is i noticed the decoder board has an RGBHV input as well as output. The red and black wire shown on the newer decoder board has a bnc on it.

Sorry for the long post.  Hope someone can give some advice or help or maybe I should go in a whole new direction.  My current video player has composite out as well as hdmi.