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1   Artwork / Re: MAME Marquee Font betaon Today at 10:16:32 am

Started by ften - Last post by mixlplex

For those still looking for the font, Internet Archive cached it.

Started by argonlefou - Last post by argonlefou

an arcade mod would be very nice.
yes I understand that you don't want to add many specific options, but I think HOTD 3 is the only one with many options.
I have pages of notes for hotd3 decrypted memory elements in order to make an "arcade-like" kind of mod. ;D
I still have a look at it sometimes when I rework on the game....but it's time consumming and there are still hard things to do. But I solve new issues everytime..hopefully one day

Hi Argonlefu! Got into some PC problems but finally got the chance to try this version. Man, what a difference!
It's like a quarter of the delay now. Did a comparison vide so you can see for your self. Thanks a million!  :cheers:

Love the "on hit" red light on the panel  buttons :applaud:

Started by argonlefou - Last post by gstav

Hi Argonlefu! Got into some PC problems but finally got the chance to try this version. Man, what a difference!
It's like a quarter of the delay now. Did a comparison vide so you can see for your self. Thanks a million!  :cheers:

4   Main Forum / Re: Calibrating AimTrak Gunson Today at 08:27:28 am

Started by Richardgregory - Last post by patrickfx1

Will share my experience on that.  I made 3 time calibration in the 6-7 years of life with Aimtrack.  Yesterday, i re-calibrate and the situation where NO WAY I can finish the calibration of the 3rd action in the middle never accept it.

First thing, observe if in the calibration IR sensor you see RED or YELLOW dot.  If yellow DOT, I think you are in big trouble like me.

Second, I observe that you need to help the sensibility of the IR bar to conclude this middle calibration.  For myself, the only way i made it work, i share here, but please do understand it is weird, i know.  I install 2 IR BAR on top of each other.  And guess work...why, I DONT KNOW :)

If i can give some less headick to someone with this trick, well, enjoy !

5   Lightguns / Re: Settng up light guns in MAMEon Today at 08:16:15 am

Started by lightgungamer - Last post by patrickfx1

Doesn't calibrating in the games service menu correct for this?
(only moving the gun around the 4:3 window when calibrating)

I didn't spend a lot of time trying different titles, but I tried this once and saw an odd calibration.  However, I was able to get it to work properly using "trick" calibration, which for those who don't already know, means not shooting at the centers of the calibration targets, rather offsetting aim during the games calibration setup to compensate for what the gun is actually doing in the game.  After that, there was no problem, but it can take a few tries to get it right if one isn't used to it from, say, messing with wonky touchscreens :)

Well, I me too made it work finally, not easilly and to be honest , not exactly sure what has fix it.  Like a lot of time, made many things to fix a issue and not sure what fix what.  But my problem was more about exactly the initial post/question... " This seems to cause the aim to be off because windows sees the edge of the screen at the actual edgs whereas MAME has a smaller window".

In my case, I first change MAME from 1.86 to 2.39b, problem start.  Roms no more compatible.  I fix it.  But the 2.39b have more option for video overall...I also recalibrate.  Oh my god, simple on paper, not in reality.  I was forgetten all the trouble where the middle calibration don't accept it.  Another couple of hours my life loss :). But I made it work by having two IR bar on top of each other to make the job.

In between, many mame options changes..., also try changing my video resolution, IR gain, etc...

Anyway, in short, this hobby is full of fun :)

Started by patrickfx1 - Last post by patrickfx1

To circle back.  I abandon the CRT, I jump into Full HD 42".  Another world, new things appears like the ability to read game description in menu in Big Box :)
Allow newer arcade title for gun and drive wheel on my cabinet.

Overall I lost the spririt of CRT  but overall I don't regret.  No more video issue also !

Started by BazookaJo - Last post by BazookaJo

Hi guys - building my own Atari star Wars upright.

Have the GRS yoke, and have 2 Coin Push buttons with microswitches plugged into a zero delay encoder.

PC picks up the encoder as "USB Input Device" but it doesn't seem to appear in any of the controller menus, and I can't seem to map the button presses to any controls.

Anyone know what embarrassingly obvious step I've missed?



8   Main Forum / Re: replacing ghetto sound system?on Today at 07:53:10 am

Started by slybunda - Last post by slybunda

pic of soundbar. was a perfect fit. had this sitting in storage for years. won it in a competition.

9   Software Forum / still actively developed frontendson Today at 06:50:19 am

Started by pucci - Last post by pucci

last update: 10/11/2022

last update: 27/03/2022

Launchbox/Big Box
last update: 16/11/2022

last update: ??/05/2022

last update: 14/10/2022

10   Consoles / Re: PS3 blueson Today at 03:58:47 am

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by danny_galaga

Hey Candyland! Why not join in and give us 20 pages of paranoid drivel  :)
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