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Started by haynor666 - Last post by PL1

The sensitivity setting has no effect if using Axis INC and Axis DEC.
Sorry, but yes it does for rotary joystick games.

You can confirm it with these settings in the rotary joystick version of Ikari Warriors 3 (ikari3u):
"Input (this Game)" menu
- Positional Analog = none
- Positional Analog Dec = Mouse +
- Positional Analog Inc = Mouse -
"Analog Controls" menu
- Positional Digital Speed = 0
- Positional Sensitivity = 100 (may need to be lower with a high-res mouse/spinner)

Start a game and slowly move your mouse/spinner to see how fast you turn.

Change Positional Sensitivity to half of the previous value and move your mouse/spinner at the same speed as before -- you will turn much slower.


Started by Substring - Last post by Deathblow81

I look forward to it!


Started by Rlynxwiler - Last post by Rlynxwiler

I have a PacMan cabinet that works great but I don't have the key to get into the coin door or the back.  I've attached a pic of the lock. Is there anywhere I can get a key/or one made?  Or is my only choice to drill it out and replace with a whole new lock?  Thanks!

Started by Deathblow81 - Last post by donluca

I don't remember if I pointed this out already... but have you guys thought about switching to Alpine Linux which has GroovyMAME in its own repositories, so it's just a matter of doing "apk upgrade"?

Started by MrThunderwing - Last post by MrThunderwing

Ah, so you did, thanks! I'm ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- at noticing when people have PM'd me. Interestingly, the search results you messaged me came up with no results in my region (which is what it defaulted to). But changing it to the US suddenly filled the screen with all the lovely dodgy Chinese bootlegs.

6   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Twin Cabinet Buildon Today at 10:16:02 am

Started by Fursphere - Last post by Fursphere


I'd cover the stainleas view button plate carbon fiber vinyl wrap so it matches the gauge cluster.

That's a good idea.  I was thinking about using the laser cutter to cut out a new bezel - maybe plastic or something, then wrapping it.

And speaking of the 'view buttons' - any idea what size bulbs those are?  I've dug through the Sega manuals for Daytona, Sega Rally, and a few others and I couldn't find a reference to a replacement bulb anywhere.    I'd like to swap them with LEDs, as a have a pair of PACLED64 boards I'd like to use for this.  Otherwise I'll have to build a separate relay board with independent power or something.

Started by flybynight - Last post by springman

You need to go Linux (Groovy Arcade) to succeed with the Ryzen APUs.

I have a 2400G running here. You can even use newer ones like the 4700G.

APUs are a bit trickier to setup than discrete cards, though.

Excuse me for digging again.

I've read all the APU-related posts. Got it. GO LINUX / GA!

I've been with a Dell Optiplex with some R5 low profile cards for both CRT Emudriver and GA. Now I wish to get an a-lot-more powerful mini PC. A few quick questions:

Would GA work (240p and interlaced) with the newer Ryzens like 5700G, 5600G, or even Ryzen PRO with Graphics? How about Ryzen laptops?

Without VGA and with DP / HDMI output only, does a normal DP2VGA (RTD2166 or RTD2168) adapter still work with the above to connect to CRTs?

Thank you so much. Excuse my noobieness.

Started by haynor666 - Last post by BadMouth

Yeah, now that Glen figured out the MAME settings I mentioned earlier in this thread. (8:20 in the new video)     

I'm a bit late, but based on that video he still doesn't understand how analog inputs are handled in MAME.
The sensitivity setting has no effect if using Axis INC and Axis DEC.
MAME sees those as digital input controlling a virtual analog device.

In other words, any movement of the mouse is seen as a keyboard/button press and then MAME converts it into a virtual analog signal that is ramped up an down based on the speed and auto-centering settings.
The sensitivity setting only effects the actual analog axis when it is mapped.

When in doubt, read the manual.

I guess it doesn't matter as long as all the games are working with his suggested settings, but it always blows my mind how people can develop and release products like this without getting a full understanding of the controls first.  I bet 99% of the games would work without switching modes if the user understood MAME's analog settings.

9   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Twin Cabinet Buildon Today at 06:54:11 am

Started by Fursphere - Last post by BadMouth


I'd cover the stainleas view button plate carbon fiber vinyl wrap so it matches the gauge cluster.

Started by Megatouchmike - Last post by Megatouchmike

Join the megatouch players Facebook group. We're talking about it there
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