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21   GroovyMAME / Re: GroovyMAME/ARCADE32/64 custom buildon Yesterday at 05:59:59 pm

Started by haynor666 - Last post by haynor666

Version 246 is out.

Started by whammoed - Last post by lilshawn

that's good. it's tough to see information just disappear.

there used to be some really good flowcharts for monitor repair on a website called 2coins1play...but it disappeared and i cant even find it in the wayback archive.

23   Main Forum / Re: Are some games too fast or am I too old?on Yesterday at 04:50:51 pm

Started by javeryh - Last post by gildahl

This may not be a "or" question, but a "and" question. They are too fast and you're too old. I swear Fast Ms. Pacman got faster from when I was a kid.

Yeah, I'd say my objective these days is to play, not to get better, but to not get worse.  If I can continue hitting my old high scores, or somewhere in the neighborhood, I consider that a good day. 

24   Main Forum / Re: Welcome to the MiSTer FPGA LOVE Fest ;)on Yesterday at 04:23:11 pm

Started by dmckean - Last post by chopperthedog

Is there a good reference on compiling MiSTer cores from source code? It would be neat to give this one a try. I usually just wait until there are unofficial beta builds, but if compiling isn't too challenging it might be cool to give it a go.
It's stupid easy.

I'm using windows 7, steps may vary with other os.

1. Download and install "Quartus Prime Lite 17.1" (close to 6gb file).
2. Pick a repository i.e. NeoGeo_Mister, click green button that says "code" and click "download as zip"
3. Extract zip to know location.
4. Open Quartus, hit "Open Project" and navigate to your "NeoGeo_Mister_Master" folder you extracted and select "NeoGeo.QPF" and click compile (little play button).
5. Once it finishes in your NeoGeo_Mister_Master folder you will now find an "output_files" folder and in there you will find your new RBF.

The saturn core is a tad different, for that you need the "Saturn_Mister" "Saturn" and "SH" repositories. After extracting the zips you need to take the "_Master" part off the "Saturn" and "SH" folders. If you don't quartus will error out because the script in looking for folders with out the "_Master" added.

good day.

25   Main Forum / Re: Welcome to the MiSTer FPGA LOVE Fest ;)on Yesterday at 02:27:50 pm

Started by dmckean - Last post by dmckean

I hear the next version of the analog board is supposed to use direct video but at the cost of not supporting simultaneous HDMI and analog output. I know that is an important feature for something, especially those who stream.

The MiSTer still remains one of the best purchases Iíve made in the last few years.

I can agree with this now.

After the honeymoon with my initial stack, the shortcomings started to become apparent. The component video out functioned and looked OK, but it was lacking that pop,.my s-video modded consoles looked better. Ended up learning about the 18bit cap and limited color range on the analog out of the i/o, tried direct video with an hdmi to vga thingy and what an impressive difference.

Next, my audio system has optical provisions because of the ass analog audio from a PS2 fat, but I defaulted to using the optical with MiSTer in the begining. Noticed that my system would cut off the first couple ms of a sound, i.e. the jump sound in pitfall or the nintendo snes chime would get clipped. Games that had music or other continuous noises happening were fine. No fault of the MiSTer, just something with my system. Figure I'll just try the analog audio out from the i/o. Welp, on first core launch 3 loud pops made my sub and speakers scream in pain, analog audio from i/o had no use for me. Snagged an optical to analog box and got a good clean signal with happy speakers.

So, now I have a pile of random bits that make up my MiSTer "rig" under my TV, not the easiest thing to kinda set up and tear down when I want to use one of my other consoles.

Attached everything to a chunk of shelf and got mine "consoleized" with easy power in and audio/video outs for easy hook up and storage. The MT32-pi is the only item not attached, left that loose to have that center space to use snac adapters. Got me thinking about all these really expensive multi system, ironclad itx and other all in one boards, it's just the same design of the stock stack with all the shortcomings on a single fancy PCB and box. I almost got sucked into one of those boards.... PHEW!

This isn't a knock on the MiSTer, I always noticed on my 27" TV, that the top an bottom were clipped. I had NO clue that consumer crt's had service menus. One of them "wish I knew this sh!t years ago" moments. Got the vertical dialed in and now I can see all scores, insert coins, power meters, lives left and everything else fully now.

good day.

26   Main Forum / Re: Are some games too fast or am I too old?on Yesterday at 01:29:03 pm

Started by javeryh - Last post by Xiaou2

In fact, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that 2 minutes play time was something that manufacturers shot for as the desirable not-to-exceed play time for maximum profit.

 To appease arcade operators complaints.. they aimed to ramp up the difficulty around that 2min mark, so that playtime
was reduced for new, and casual players.  That said... they tended to be very fair about it, in most games.

 They almost always start out the game fairly easy, allowing the player to get used to the game, and feel good about it.
After that, the difficulty tends to jump fairly dramatically.  Either you learn and develop the skills to keep going.. or that
is the extent of how far you got.

 Games like Sega's  "Turbo", and even Spy Hunter... basically gave you infinite lives... until the timer ran out.  After that,
the player was easily taken out, unless they had developed some pretty high level skills.

 I wasnt that good at most of the classic 80s games, as I was quite young at the time.  I used to play Sega's Turbo the most,
because of the infinite lives / timer.  This actually caused me to be able to develop some real skills in that game... where as with
most games.. I wouldnt last even half as long,  so didnt get much practice.  As a result... I believe I got to the 3rd or 4th
Extended-Play round... which was no small feat for such a young kid  (If I had to guess, maybe I was 9yrs old at that time).

 The other game I played a lot, was Bump and Jump.  I wasnt nearly as good... but I could last a pretty decent amount of
time on that machine.

 Back then, I hated Robotron.  I played it once... and all of my lives were gone, in like less than 50 seconds.  However, as
an adult.. I found a machine, and got hooked on it.  Its now one of my top favorite games.

 That said, there were many other very difficult games that kicked the crud out of me.. but I still loved and played them.
Such as Sinistar, Satans Hollow, Tron, Journey, Spy Hunter, Rock n Rope, Jungle Hunt, Congo Bongo, Haley's Comet,
Super Zaxxon, and countless others.

 Eventually making it to stage 2 in  Rock n Rope,  and  Congo Bongo,  was an awesome feeling of accomplishment,
for young me.

Started by whammoed - Last post by whammoed

Forum back up.  Here is the thread discussing new ownership and admin:

Started by Substring - Last post by Substring


29   Main Forum / Re: Welcome to the MiSTer FPGA LOVE Fest ;)on Yesterday at 12:43:00 pm

Started by dmckean - Last post by gamepimp

Was trying to build yesterday and a couple DBG_REGN entries were causing compile to quit. He updated his github bout 44min ago, should take my old computer just over 2 hours to compile. :P

good day.

Is there a good reference on compiling MiSTer cores from source code? It would be neat to give this one a try. I usually just wait until there are unofficial beta builds, but if compiling isn't too challenging it might be cool to give it a go.

Started by ford_memphis - Last post by lilshawn

NSM's are notorious for being over complicated and having very specific parts that are not shared and frequently change between models. it could be very tough to find a replacement.

finding parts in north America for a european built machine is often quite difficult. you may have to contact the guys at ""  maybe they have a motor or might know where to get one.
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