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Title: Own a Megatouch ion 2014, should I also buy a JVL?
Post by: njbrodeur87 on December 24, 2020, 03:52:59 pm
Hey guys

First off Happy Holidays to all. I currently have a megatouch ion 2014 and been loving that system. I love these touch screen bar type devices that I came across a JVL HD3 on my local market, and debating on buying that one as well. Has anyone had experience with both? Are the games different to make it warrant I own both? It seems the JVL has a much nicer look screen resolution and games from the few videos I saw online.

Let me know.

Thanks again
Title: Re: Own a Megatouch ion 2014, should I also buy a JVL?
Post by: lilshawn on December 26, 2020, 12:26:39 am
games route operator here.

selectively, pretty subjective... but mostly the same. unless your ion is an RX with the big screen... then pretty much the same experience.

let me try to explain...about 80 to 90% of the games are the "same" games... just with a different characters and just different enough to not be a blatant ripoffs. like for instance, on the ion system... the game with the monkey where you are the clown and you whack the monkey to the greatest distance. the JVL systems have that game... only you are a polar bear... and you whack a fish... and you do it in the opposite direction (right to left) y'know that kind of thing.

i mean if it's a decent price, buy it. the differences in the game is kinda refresh to same old bag of games if you've played the ion a pile and kinda sick of it, but i wouldn't go out of my way to seek one out for a "totally exclusive to the JVL" couple of games selection. the HD isn't particularly newer than the 2014 ion games...since they came out about the same time.
Title: Re: Own a Megatouch ion 2014, should I also buy a JVL?
Post by: njbrodeur87 on December 26, 2020, 02:16:29 am
Thanks for the response. Just to clarify so I understand, the megatouch I have is the grey ion model think it's a 17inch screen with the controller at the bottom. I figured, instead of getting a Megatouch aurora or ml-l Megatouch model which had a 22inch screen and hd, that getting the JVL would make more sense since the games would be at least different, as opposed to getting the ml-1 Megatouch which would be almost the same games as I currently have on 2014 from what I understand.

I'd assume with the JVL echo HD3 that the 22inch screen and it being hd would be a nice and better experience then the one I have wouldn't it? Bigger screen, hd, and the games look like they have better graphics based on the few videos I found online. Is that not the case either? Even the speakers on the JVL look like an upgrade.

I found one for 1000$ locally, which is a hell alot of cheaper then another jvl HD3 on eBay currently and it only has been played about 20 times so basically new and perfect condition. If that changes anything.

As I said I like the megatouch I figured the bigger 22 inch, speakers, and hd games and graphics would be a substantial difference then my ion version I have, but let me know your thoughts. I didn't think seeking out a ml-1 which are also expensive seemed worth is since those games seemed like they would be literally the same as what I have now

Thanks again
Title: Re: Own a Megatouch ion 2014, should I also buy a JVL?
Post by: mahkeymike on December 26, 2020, 02:09:34 pm
Where you located. I might have the best of both worlds. PM me for details.