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Title: Will these specs be ok?
Post by: AussieCade on October 31, 2011, 07:01:22 am
Hi, Im building my own bar top cab and my mate has offered me his old computer with XP for free. Since im not to computer savy when it comes to the specs side i have a couple of questions... My questions are, will these specs (below) be ok to run a mame front end and games? Can i upgrade anything to make it better? Or should i just go out and buy a better one?.

Thanks in advance

Veriton 3600GT Specifications

Operating System Windows XP Home
Processor Intel® Celeron® processor up to 2.93GHz with FSB up to 533
Memory 128 MB DDR 266/333/400 SDRAM, 4 DIMM slots, Maximum 4GB
BIOS    Flash BIOS
Supported Protocols PCI 2.1, APM1.2, DMI 2.00.1, E-IDE, ACPI 1.0, ESCD 1.03, ANSI ATA 3.0, PnP1a, Bootable CD-ROM 1.0, ATAPI
System Chipset Intel 845G + ICH5
Expansion Slots 1 8X AGP 0.8/1.5V mode only3 PCI 2.2
Audio RealTec ALC202 A with AC97 Codec, 2.1 compliant s
Video Integrated Intel®  845G Extreme GraphicsVGA  32/64/128MB with TV/DVI/or SVideo out (selected models)
Storage 160GB Hard Disk Drive

Also would a rewired pc button turned into a rocker switch harm the computer for shutdown? Will it act as one tap of the power button what will safely shuts down the computer orwill it just cut the power all together? Would a button be better?
Title: Re: Will these specs be ok?
Post by: shanghaiguide on November 12, 2011, 03:07:18 pm
Given that I currently have a PII and a PIII running quite nicely with older stuff (Pacman, Asteroids Bombjack etc), I would think that this spec would be quite sufficient.

Really depends on the OS chosen though.

Something light without a GUI overhead  e.g. Dos or Linux* is going to be much faster than Windows.

*Yes Linux has many GUI's but they can be made optional.
I usually use GLauncher for most of my machines - DOS based, and fast.