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Started by Customcade - Last post by Customcade

Wells 39k7600 issue, Screen is beautiful but fades dims out 10 minutes later.

I can leave the game on and shut the monitor off separate for a few minutes turn it on and it's a nice crisp display again but few minutes later it slowly dims out to a blank screen.

Last time I did a cap kit was probably ten years ago but figured I would ask before I jump in a replace stuff that was perfectly fine type thing.

2   Software Forum / Re: Killer Instincton Today at 02:54:47 am

Started by ncflagg - Last post by ncflagg

Thanks for that.
What CPU are you using?

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by Zebidee

Nice work so far Bobby  :cheers:

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13

I figured that touching the mylar meant destroying the playfield (or at least the art) so a bad idea.
It would be cool to do a little insert work though so I need to have another look at the playfield with levelling off the inserts in mind.
Certainly sounds like worth doing to me.
Thanks for the tips pbj.

At some point I may take a shot at "repainting" in the art that is worn off outside the mylar too.
I've used Posca paint pens on surfboard foam pretty successfully so I imagine it would work for this too.
That and a bit of clear coat may do the trick and seal the wood back up too.

5   Main Forum / Re: Silver Strike Bowling 2005 faulty PCon Yesterday at 11:11:34 pm

Started by MrMatt - Last post by MrMatt

ive seen all manner of weird things happen to motherboards. especially once the caps go bad and it stops booting...your chances of resurrection go down significantly.

and yes, i've absolutely seen a board work once and that was it. i ran through 3 motherboards for a game one time for a total bill of just over 1200 bucks. original one died... bought a used one for 550, recapped it... and it worked for 3 days... dead. bought another one 600 ish... booted one time ran for an hour, froze...and that was it. dead.

usually its the regulator FET's that die or the related control circuitry. kinda comes with the club when you use fat 12v rail to power stuff... but then to try and pare it down to 0.5 to 1 volt... when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong.

Thanks.  So should I just toss that faulty motherboard or is there anything to investigate and try to replace?

Would you recap the swollen caps on the new motherboard, or wait?

Started by Hydrolisk1792 - Last post by

Got lucky and found a second in114st both should be here by this weekend. More to follow, when you said you had to force the resolution, did you have to do it manually once through pc link? or in the menu? do you have to set the resolution every startup when you move the machines? either way I got both in114st's for the price of the lenses shipped from china, worst case could switch to in112's and swap lenses if needed. I may but a third one to do a gin4ir build. I'll take pics also and post them.

7   GroovyMAME / Re: Windows screen resolutionon Yesterday at 07:34:57 pm

Started by Tommy714 - Last post by buttersoft

more information required!

What is the computer? What are you trying to do and on what system? Hardware, OS, drivers/software, games, etc. When specifically do you encounter issues, only when exiting games?

Started by flybynight - Last post by John Bennett

Apologies Sailorsat, I know I promised to put the code out there, but I really wanted to port it to the latest MAME and tidy it up.
It's now compiled, so I'll strip out the non-working hacks next and it'll be up soon.
I'll put up a new .exe for people to play with too. No new games are working with linkup, but you'll get the benefits of the latest video improvements to System22  8)

9   Software Forum / Re: Killer Instincton Yesterday at 05:57:20 pm

Started by ncflagg - Last post by abispac

228, but i never owned a real hardware so i couldnt tell if theres much diference, also i cant really catch any sound issues, it might be just me, that im dumb maybe.But yeah on certain mame versions , popeye has glitches, also tapper, so i think i i ever saw i glitch i would be able to spot it.

10   GroovyMAME / Re: GroovyArcade ou GroovyMame?on Yesterday at 05:53:46 pm

Started by Diogo - Last post by buttersoft

No idea, currently, or i would have answered already :)
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