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Title: Cabinet configuration ideas
Post by: swofra on January 21, 2022, 05:15:24 am
  I'm a noob to the cabinet effort.  I've got two non working cocktail cabinets I'm looking to finish (and repair) that could definitely use your guidance:
Cab 1:
22" flatscreen
2 sets of controllers/buttons opposite ends of cabinet, with Dragonrise encoders.  MAME only recognizes one controller since they are identified as the same vendor/model ID or something like that.  Its a known problem, and the workaround has not worked for me.
Intended use was to play 1980's era arcade game(s)

Cab 2: Found super cheap off Craigslist
19" CRT
4 sets of controllers/buttons, 2 side by side along the edge, and 2 facing each other at opposite ends of cabinet
IPAC encoder (maybe and original one  - see pic)
No computer or board

Other items for consideration
- I have a modded OG XBOX I can also use (and always though of using) thats already set up as an emulation source
- I am open to switching the Pi to the other cab
- I would like to avoid spending more money if at all possible
- My soldering skills, while improving, resemble a 1st graders, and thats an insult to 1st graders
- I don't have a spare computer to use

If you have any ideas on how you would best configure, I'd love to hear them...hear is what I've come up with thus far:
1) Move Pi to cab 2 and put OG XBOX into Cab 1.  Find OG XBOX arcade controller encoders somewhere as ultimarc does not have them anymore.
2a) Buy a single cheapo ZD encoder and replace one of the dragonrise so that MAME will (hopefully) recognize both
2b)  OG XBOX into Cab 2 and get controller encoders somewhere.  I have a VGA/HDMI converter already
3) Break down and go buy an old computer to use

Again, Please let me know what you recommend given the circumstances above, if my ideas are feasible, or if I'm missing some information that I need to have.
Thank you in advance!
Title: Re: Cabinet configuration ideas
Post by: ericball on January 21, 2022, 01:30:13 pm
I'm a big advocate of spending time thinking and planning up front and delaying spending whenever possible, failing fast & getting something working then making it better.

Don't worry about making a cabinet to start with - cardboard boxes work great.  Focus on getting the software working with the hardware you have.

For what you have you shouldn't need any new hardware and shouldn't need to solder anything.  Instead ask yourself what games do you want to play and what games can be played with the controls you have.  Then do the work to put the software on your RPi3 & XBOX to play those games.
Title: Re: Cabinet configuration ideas
Post by: swofra on January 21, 2022, 08:49:54 pm
Thanks for the reply.  I probably wasn't clear in my original post, but the cabinet woodwork is already done.  Cab 2 (with the ipac) is one that fell into my lap ridiculously cheap off Craigslist and all it is missing is the board to run it.  The question I was trying to ask in the original post is figure out what the best board/encoder configuration will be given the cab setups I have that are listed in the original post.
Title: Re: Cabinet configuration ideas
Post by: ericball on January 22, 2022, 03:45:53 pm
Ahh...  So you have a cabinets, the question is now what hardware to use in each.  Some questions I'd be asking:
Of course, each of these questions might give contradictory answers (i.e. it might make sense to connect the XBOX to the CRT, but then you'll need four hacked XBOX controllers).
Title: Re: Cabinet configuration ideas
Post by: swofra on January 23, 2022, 01:46:19 pm
Thanks for reply, you hit a lot of points right on the head, and yes, some of the answers will be contradictory. 
  To answer the questions you posed:
1) Screens won't matter as I have converter cables that will work with any combination.
2) For Cab 2 (four person cab) I probably will put a few Gen III/IV console games on there, but they play well with both pi and XBOX fortunately.
3) XBOX encoders are a challenge.  Ultimarc does have them, but its a considerable cost to get four for cab 2.  If i put them in Cab 1 (2 controllers), I'd also need to get two ipacs apparently.  I haven't found an easy solution for hacking the controllers either.  The one by degenatrons looked too complex for me, so if there is something simpler I could do or buy I'd be interested.

Thanks for the input/questions and its exactly why i posted on here - I'm looking to the experts here to tell me what I'm missing, haven't considered, and/or just get ideas and options from those that have experience.  Appreciate any guidance and recommendations you all have, and most of all, your time.
Title: Re: Cabinet configuration ideas
Post by: ericball on January 24, 2022, 07:49:56 am
Put a post in Main asking for original XBOX encoders which are currently available.

Starting option would be which would adapt your I-PAC.  Then you'd use the I-PAC & XBOX with the 2 player cabinet and get something like the U-HID for the 4 player w/ RPi3.
Title: Re: Cabinet configuration ideas
Post by: swofra on January 26, 2022, 06:54:48 am
Thanks, I posted in Main for xbox encoder and I'll check on the ultimarc site.

It sounds like for cost purposes that the xbox encoder is going to have to go in the 2 person cab (assuming I can hack the wiring harnesses, these are the ones I bought: and move the Pi3 to the 4 person and attached to the ipac, and then the two dragonrise encoders will just get removed and set aside.

please let me know if that makes sense or if I'm missing something or if there is a better option I am not seeing