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Title: B&K 467 rejuvenator Heater voltage issue
Post by: djcalle on October 14, 2021, 11:45:25 am
Hi all, I have a faulty BK467 rejuvenator I was hoping to get your help with, please
Please note that I have removed all the factory solder on the PCB and replaced it with fresh solder before I started troubleshooting the issue further.

The heater voltage needle (red) was completely off. I noticed that the F2 fuse was blown, after replacing it the needle would work as expected.

However, when I test the heater voltage as per calibration procedure in the SM (adapter 3, pin 14 and 1) I get a reading of about 15V AC.
The "heater range", "set heater" and "R16" have little incidence on the 15V reading but they do affect the position of the heater needle.

I started making my way through the Heater circuit, I have borowed a fully working 467 for comparison.
All components I came across tested good.

I reached the rotary switch "Select HTR Range" on which 6 wires are soldered directly to the T2 transformer, these have 6 different voltages.
On the working unit, these voltages range from 5 to 17V AC with about 2V increment between each.
On the faulty unit the voltages range from 35V to 44V AC!

Does this mean the  T2 transfo is faulty?
Any suggestion on what to test next would be greatly appreciated