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Title: Light Gun Questions
Post by: PacManFan on February 19, 2003, 12:07:49 pm
In my ever increasing attempt to find 2 lightguns to put on my kick-butt cab, I've got a few questions about some lightguns.

Has anyone tried to inteface a playstation 2 lightgun through the ps2 to usb converter? Can it be done? Does anyone have a ps2 ->usb convertor on thier cab? How is the gamepad device recognized under windows? What type of joystick does it show up as?
What about the Guncon2 usb lightgun for PlayStation 2? It's got a usb interface, is a PC driver available for it?

Also, I've seen a gameport lightgun before.(not Act Labs) What are the issues of having 2 gameport lightguns on a cab? Maybe this question has been asked before, if so, can someone post a link to the relevant thread?