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Started by ArcadeJames - Last post by ArcadeJames

for $100 bucks, sweet deal.

Any Chance you coming to NJ anytime soon ? Bring it with you :)

Ha. I'll throw in a six-pack if you drive down and get it.

Started by MrThunderwing - Last post by MrThunderwing

Some further progress today. I cut a hole in the area where the marquee was and replaced it with a bit of clear plastic (cut from a CD case) and then used a bit of plastic sprue (more leftover stuff from the model Ferrari kit) to create a mount for the LEDS and then hot glued them in place. I also cut the hole in the bottom of the cabinet for all the encoder wires and charging cable to pass through so they can sit in a separate base. I was also able to see how the phone would line up inside the case with everything in place and drill a tiny hole in the side to use another bit of plastic sprue as the 'on' button (physically pressing the on button on the phone) and I was able to see how it'd look going through the side art, with the stuff I was just using as mock ups. Some backwards progress as well unfortunately, the right directional input has stopped working, I think as I was manhandling the PCB through the hole I'd made in the base of the cabinet, the solder on that input got detached or something (it looks weird on the PCB), so going to be taking it back up to James' at the weekend (he reckons it might just be a bit of dodgy soldering on his part on that connection).

Started by Falken Hawke - Last post by nitrogen_widget

a pin was lifted off a pad somewhere and possible board flexion when it was put away and taken out caused it to make contact?

Started by Edgecrusher - Last post by Edgecrusher

Everything I see keeps pointing back to led blinky. not sure about control board yet.

Started by Falken Hawke - Last post by Falken Hawke

So then...

I cleared my bench of arcade projects as my motorcycles each had something that needed to be done and since I daily ride, not having a motorcycle is a bigger issue than not having a fully working Macross.

Fast forward to setting up my bench to work on Macross again.  I'm getting out my notes and getting ready to make myself cross-eyed following traces when I power up the board.  I watch the screen for the intro and I get pummeled by the intro music!

I'll be honest, these are the kind of "fixes" I despise.  Basically I didn't isolate the issue with the sound before it decided to work again.  To be safe, I now need to go over everything again to isolate a good circuit compared with a malfunctioning one and hope I can pin down a failure point.


As I write this listening to MIDI "Do You Remember Love?" playing from my board, I will say at least I can enjoy the game a bit more now 😁

So, back to square one!

Started by Edgecrusher - Last post by Edgecrusher

So I have a 4 player I'm wrapping up. I have the joys and player buttons cut out. All I'm missing is the Player start buttons 1-4 and navigation buttons. I have already purchased opaque buttons for the player buttons (6/player) and they obviously don't light up. I had purchased some slightly smaller silvery black chrome buttons I intended to use for the frontend navigation buttons. I did not get anything for the player start buttons.

This is a big cabinet and I feel like using some RGB buttons for these and having some lighting animation going on but I'm not familiar with what buttons are best for this and the controllers and software for doing this. I'm only going to have 4 buttons to control so I don't want some huge control board with more outs than necessary and pay for a bunch of features I'll never use.

I don't know if I can possibly control the lights to do different things depending on what's going on with the game or the front end or if I just have to have them on some continuous loop. It'd be fun to at least make them flash when they need to be pushed and stay solid during game play or maybe do some cycle between levels of game play. I just don't know what's possible.

I'll be running BigBox with GrooveyMame playing games like Simpsons, TMNT, and Xmen. Maybe some dual joystick games if I can figure that out.

Any suggestions for the scale I'm looking for would be very helpfull. Especially controller boards that will work with my setup. In the meantime I'll keep researching and feeling overwhelmed! lol


Is there

7   Everything Else / Re: So ... 3d Printers....on Today at 02:52:39 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by RandyT

....pic of sink trays.

That's a slick use of otherwise wasted space.  Nice work!

Started by fsmith2003 - Last post by Ropi Jo

I could not see the lines you describe on the video, but try unplugging the degaus coil and see if it goes away. Had a few horizontal lines BITD that came back to the degaus circuit.

Started by geecab - Last post by hafoudha

here's what I get for now, I hope I'm on the right way.
I think I see your problem. You are invoking the mgpr.exe executable from your your home directory root by passing an absolute path to it. The game needs your 'current working directory' to be the game directory, i.e. mgpr_v1_4_6
In other words, you need to invoke it like this (assuming your starting point is C:\Users\hefdh):

cd Desktop\mgpr_v1_4_6
mgpr.exe -cfg classic_8bit_1280x1024.cfg

Thank you so much, my folder is in my Desktop, and when I followed your instructions, I get this screen, and the cfg starts the game by itself, I then play few seconds and exit the game, launch again and the full list of cfg is there to chose from, it's not defaulting yet.
Hope that helps.

Started by azeitona - Last post by azeitona

Above all I want to thank you for your help.

I don't have a video signal connected, neither to the vga input nor to the arcade input.
It was supposed to fill the screen with brightness.
I don't understand
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