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Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13

I'll need to look into saving that cabinet as it doesn't APPEAR to have termites at this point.

As far as this one goes, there was always the intent that because this was a MAME box that it would play multiple things and need multiple panels, because legitimate uncrowded controls.

Dual trackball panel in motion and nearly done.
Star Wars yoke panel in reconstruction.
And so on to the next.

I loved how ridiculous Toobin was back in the day and Tyler likes the idea of playing it enough that it merits having its own panel.
There is no reasonable way to play the silly game otherwise, and it appears to me that part of the challenge of the game is that the buttons layout is tricky enough that it adds to the mayhem.

My excuse for needing to make my own questionable art for this is that I have found NOwhere that I can buy a regular old original CP overlay (that won't take years to appear I think) even though we know that I just can't help myself.
Plus these panel dimensions aren't original anyway, so i may as well pour some resin on something.

I sorted out the button layout to within reasonable precision to original builds and got plywood cut, routed to round the front edge, and drilled out.
Figured it would be good to begin with a white background so started with some white pigment in 4oz cloth as a base.

Since the game and the original cabinet are really cartoony I wanted to reproduce that vibe and since I have zero skill with character illustration I thought waterfall feel was appropriate.
I really thought I took more pictures of this as I went along but I appear to have deleted anything I had between layer #1 and layer #7.
Not sure if that was the rum or the resin fumes.
Maybe both.

Suffice to say that I layered 2 different blue pigments and some purple and blue tint (along with more white) in seperate layers to get some layering and separation and this result.
A little bit of fun with pulling and swirling a brush around when the resin starts to gel a bit and you can get some very breaking wave-ish kind of shapes.

I redrilled to get through the cloth and resin so I could try to decide what to put in for button colors.
Still not sure if I like the idea of contrast or using white and blue because the tones are the same.

When this has hardened up enough tomorrow I can sand it out and it should be good to polish and wire up.

Then I really have no excuse to avoid reprogramming the U-HID and rewiring the DB25 plug setup I have already, which appears that it will be the initial wiring swap method.

22   Monitor/Video Forum / Re: The ultimate VGA to SCART adapteron Yesterday at 05:36:50 am

Started by gambaman - Last post by Zebidee

Cools, are the video/audio grounds connected to the shield ground? That would explain the noise while handling VGA end.

If the cable has poor shielding that can create similar issues too.

Probably a good idea to check what is connected to ground with a DMM. May as well check for resistance on the audio and video lines while you are there too.

Because the video and audio grounds are usually shared at both the TV and PC ends, you may simply find that running audio out to some desktop speakers works better than through the TV. A ground loop isolator may also help. But it sounds like you have video interference as well.

Before you could buy them from shops and aliexpress, I used to make similar cables by hand at my kitchen bench for forum members, and a few extra hobby dollars, after the kids had gone to sleep. 1-2 hours for a cable. Was a fun "gig" economy thing to do that helped other retrogamers.

I still make my own cables and they are still the best (of course! :P ), but can't really compete with the Arcadexpress prices vs my time and effort.

FWIW, I usually left out the audio from my VGA/SCART cables - if you really want to, for most TVs you can simply run a cheap cable (3.5mm male to red/white RCA male) and it is done anyway.

Started by saint - Last post by bobbyb13


Started by saint - Last post by bobbyb13


Started by saint - Last post by bobbyb13

Control panel madness

26   Project Announcements / Re: Making SEGA Genesis cartridgeson Yesterday at 05:14:21 am

Started by pbj - Last post by bobbyb13

Beautiful rehab work on that console.
And in spite of my general feelings about the interwebs sometimes, the Ms. Pac repair proves that the internet is worth something.


Started by argonlefou - Last post by argonlefou

Cool! No rush, was more of a thought boss :D but it would be a great add-on  :notworthy:

No time to look at this yet, but did you try the virtual mouse buttons on DemulShooter ?
If you're using a mouse-alike lightgun you should be able (in DemulShooter GUI) to activate virtual mouse buttons and set a keyboars key for right click. I think that using this key (or any Autohotkey script to remak a physical arcade button to the key) you should be able to use flamethrower while pointing and aiming at the screen

Hello argon, really loving the project.
I was wondering if there's a chance you could add support for pcsx2 lightgun games such as time crisis 2/3, vampire night since on devices like wiimotes the only way to play them right now is by emulating a mouse and that makes 2 players impossible.
I've tried using my wiimotes as analog sticks but pcsx2 doesn't have support for absolute positioning. Also I've been using a program called pcsx2mp which patches the mouse into the game if you want to take a look at it (no nuvee required)
This would be a per-game-hack (more precisely, each different version of a game : PAL / NTSC / JAP is a different game for that matter), and this is what is dooing pcsx2mp I guess. Because only some versions of some games are compatible from what I've read.
And simulating gamepad gameplay is good to remove white flash, but on the other hand I don't want to play with gunpad crosshair so it would need an additional crosshair removal patch for each game

Finally, looking at PCSX2 github there are some quotes saying that lightgun support was in development but not yet available or finished.
So in a few year you may have native and official  lightgun support, way better than what I'd be able to do

Started by psakhis - Last post by BuckoA51

Seeing Cuphead downscaled is more of a novelty than anything I'd use to really play the game but Shovel Knight works great at 400x240@60 and looks pin sharp, I think that is its design resolution.

I've a couple more I tried that worked well to add to the list:-

Cannonball (a port of the Outrun engine to modern systems) - 320x240@60hz (same as classic Outrun) - This game is problematic if you have a mutlisync as it seems intent on forcing itself back to 640x480 if it can. Try the latest build if you have this issue. - Spoke too soon can't stop it glitching out after a few minutes.

Sonic Triple Trouble 16 bit (fan made Sonic game) - 320x240@60hz

Started by Zebidee - Last post by bobbyb13

Good spray booth.
Less is more!

30   Monitor/Video Forum / Re: The ultimate VGA to SCART adapteron Yesterday at 04:45:17 am

Started by gambaman - Last post by cools

I bought one of the premade cables from Arcadexpress earlier on in the year, and I'm trying to understand if it's faulty or not.

I've been getting video interference with most TVs I've tried it with. I've also had audio interference.

I thought it might be a ground loop problem, but I've discovered that *just having the cable plugged in* creates audio noise on the TVs SCART input. Other SCART cables connected to the same input do not do this. Nothing is connected at the other end of the cable.

Handling the VGA end increases the noise, especially with a 3.5mm cable connected. Other SCART cables I *have* to touch the audio pins to induce noise, which I'd expect.

Is the cable faulty or is this something to be expected in the design?
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