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Started by flybynight - Last post by flybynight

Is there any way to check what "video auto" in mame is picking? It looks to be bgfx from the measurements (auto is measuring the same as bgfx for me)

I'm using GroovyMAME 244 and MAME 244 with default downloaded packages extracted to a clean new folder. Default mame.ini files for both.

Modifications to ini file are:

GM: Modified the path to the roms plus pointed VMmaker to the GM folder when installing the resolutions.

Modified the path to the roms
lowlatency 0 change to 1
video auto changed to bgfx then to d3d9ex
(This is noted in the results)

2   Arcade1Up & Similar / Re: My accessment...on Today at 09:15:26 am

Started by wbassett - Last post by leapinlew

The only time that has been an issue is when the floor wasn't level.

Check to make sure everything is aligned, and that both sides have the little plastic floor protector pieces on.

Started by flybynight - Last post by schmerzkaufen

- Video 'auto' uses d3d9ex by default (unless that has changed but I haven't noticed)

- IIRC the way frame_delay acts, when it is effective (input caught the right moment), then there is no actual lag left besides the game's inherent one (= the pcb's), so it is zero, or maybe there's a little of the GPU drivers overhead but that's it.

- IIRC also lag reduction as intended in GM isn't implemented with BGFX yet, and yeah BGFX is laggier than d3d9ex. Oomek's GILT tester demonstrated that, even though the graph he posted is outdated as the measurements were from before -lowlatency had been added to mainline for comparison.

- But yeah with GM set properly at and at a sufficient frame_delay level, in a non-laggy setup (display, controls etc), the only lag left is practically the same as the game's pcb.
Note however that contrary to retroarch's run_ahead it won't touch the game's inherent lag, so it's not possible to obtain a delay lower than the real thing.

- NB: it is usually wise to post your full settings, like attach a copy of your mame.ini if you haven't already, so we can actually tell what's going on in Groovy (also a log if possible which is even more useful to Calamity). I remember some time ago there were people who didn't understand how GroovyMAME works, and were making similar lag tests but they had disabled vsync (autosync), which basically turns frame_delay - and therefore lag reduction feature - off, resulting in completely wrong measurements.

I wonder why mamedev does not enable lowlatency by default?
Some games don't work properly with it, I think that was the reason.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by Mike A

Nice work so far.

Love it.

Still applies.

Started by silmalik - Last post by psakhis

The cores in Mednafen that are not their own are not the best, for example smsplus gx have an extra frame of lag.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by Malenko

cab looks great, Q*bert sucks.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13

Got the tube mounted, chassis sorted and installed, fired her up and...
Image is upside down.
I was going off my Sinistar build because I figured James may have used the same default orientation with all his boards- which he may have!
And I messed with the Sinistar and forgot.
I think it can be flipped in settings.  Need to actually read the manual I printed out now.

Makes me wonder what fun the BitKit2 attempt will look like since they need to agree in orientation or my dreams are shattered.

And no freakin way does the whole thing stay yellow.
Holy crap.
Soon as I put a piece of t-molding on and a joystick and buttons inthe CP it made me think of what you would see if Ronald McDonald was into the hobby and built a HellCade.

Standard Q*bert black panels happen tomorrow.

Started by silmalik - Last post by haynor666

And this appear to be true  :(

I did some tests with NES core. So far I didn't find any problems. Nestopia from my personal expierience was better emulator but FCE Ultra also seems to be good.

9   Software Forum / Re: Auto play music in background?on Today at 04:57:45 am

Started by dir - Last post by Zebidee

As a Mexican-American, I guess that makes me the token racial minority here.

Very token, but noted.

I still think itís a stupid idea.

You are entitled to your views based on... nothing. You are also entitled to keep them to yourself if they add nothing of value. If you think the idea is "stupid" (a stupid thing to say), then you can express your lack of interest, based on nothing, by saying nothing too.

Just because it works for YOU doesnít make it a universally good idea.

Equally, just because it isn't a "universally good idea" doesn't make it a bad idea, or that it isn't a "good idea" for certain applications, usage cases. I've been very clear and upfront above, and in the other thread, about both the potential and the limitations. You just have to take the time to read. Maybe have a go. It can be really simple.

You clearly don't understand how it works. Start with a lightweight free player like VLC, and a mame or PC game where you can turn the music off. Or you might try downloading a binary of mplayer, or compiling one yourself.

Helps a lot if your arcade speakers and amp are a bit better than the standard ones arcade cabs come with.

Even if you have the music capability setup in a cab, it doesn't mean you have to use it. You can might want to use your stereo system instead (probably a better choice, but not everybody has a stereo). In any case, nobody loses.

Unlike that flawed angled joysticks simile, the music capability is invisible (and silent) when you don't use it.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Like your comment, this is an annoying waste of space on my page. You can turn this off. It is in the iPhone settings.

Started by Alejo I - Last post by MiteWiseacre

Here, here!
I was able to get it going finally with x360ce and enabling keyboard blocking, took a little time and I read thereís better programs out there. The interface is a little cumbersome and installation obtuse, keyboard blocking seems to only work selectively in other games, but it worked!
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