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Title: MALA FE won't recognize Japanese text fonts
Post by: dex77 on October 21, 2019, 06:44:31 pm
Hi everyone,
just trying to finish a layout for Vewlix cabinets in Mala, I noticed that when I rename a game title in Japanese the displayed text is
showing only a string of question marks "???????????????????????????", the font is of course installed,
is there anyone who can give me a hint about how to fix this issue?   ...of course, if it's possible... I suspect Mala doesn't manage JPN .ttf
thank you very much in advance!

the only "solution" i have in my mind at the moment is to use a patch in jpg with the name printed on top...
it's not that practical if i have to use this workaround for let's say 50 games or more... hope someone has a clue!