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Started by aaronr33 - Last post by Xiaou2

See if you can get a Programmer to make an Input solution... that takes the Optical wheels signals, and
translates them into a limited left and right range of Pot Values.   If you go past the maximum pot values...
the program would keep putting the values back to the maximum values... so they could not go any further.

 The other option, is to make a Cam-Switchable hardware solution.  Where you can engage or disengage
the optical or pot from the drive shaft.

 Yet another option, could be to make a plug-in, pot based Paddle controller... that you use instead of the
Optical wheels.

2   Lightguns / Re: Light Gun Experts PLEASE HELP!!!on Yesterday at 10:21:43 pm

Started by tangodownNZ - Last post by tangodownNZ

A big thank you to Michael who has been helping me behind the scene.
Here is a link to his brilliant guide on light guns

I just need to know the questions above and below.

“The trigger signal goes from the gun to the gun sense board, then from the gun sense board output header to the UHID, the other buttons on the gun go directly to the UHID.” - Thanks Michael. I just need to identify the “other buttons”. I need to identify A1,B1,C1,D1 and E1 from the gun. So I know which wire is which. It would be good to know where each wire from the gun goes actually TRG, A1,B1,C1,D1,E1 and 12V.
Some of it may be obvious but I don’t want to guess and risk stuffing it up. I know TRG goes to the gun sense board, but thats all I know. It would be good to know what colour and (B1?) is the X and Y wires ect.

The output header has 9 wires. RET, 1P X, 1P Y, 2P X, 2P Y, 1P F.OUT, 2P F.OUT, 1P TRG, 2P TRG. Please can you explain where each wire goes. I am only using one gun, so I think 1P X and Y go to the UHID. TRG goes to UHID. I am not sure if RET and F.OUT goes to UHID.

I think this thread will be good for dummies like me

3   Main Forum / Re: Chip N Dales Cabinet in Movieon Yesterday at 10:09:53 pm

Started by meyer980 - Last post by pbj

I believe Sanic the Hedgehog is also in this movie….

Started by mike boss - Last post by jimj

I know this is an old topic but I though I'd mention a problem I found with the "Fix'ed' it Felix" reworking. Somehow the code is interupting the 'fix' button press. As in, it sometimes doesn't actuate when pressed. At first I thought it was my keyboard but I've tested the regular version and this reworked version several times to be sure and the original definitely works on every press but the reworked one skips. If I'm not explaining this very well, you have to sometimes press 'fix' twice to get Felix to do his job. I just use the leaked original now because I'm 100% sure the reworked version isn't working properly. Shame because it looks great with bezel.
I think I ran into the same problem as you.

Using the stock FixitFelixJr.exe both Z and SPACE can be used to jump.  The wrapper's Settings.exe by default maps just SPACE to jump, but both Z and SPACE still work for jumping.  However, I noticed when using the FIFJ.exe wrapper version every few presses of Z for jump wouldn't work, whereas SPACE worked every time to jump.  I then changed the mapping (in Settings.exe) so that Z was set to jump.  With this config SPACE exhibited the problem (failed to work every 2nd or 3rd press) whereas Z now worked fine.

So it appears the problem (at least in my case) was that I was using a button that was not mapped in Settings.exe.  Therefore, the fix for you may be to simply use Settings.exe to map your "fix" button (or map it to a different button).

One thing that might contribute to this problem is that the fifj.cfg file that's included in the contains mappings that are different from the "Keyboard Control" mappings you get when you click the "Rest to Default" button.  I didn't take the time to figure out how the default fifj.cfg file maps the inputs, I always reset to defaults right away.

5   Main Forum / Chip N Dales Cabinet in Movieon Yesterday at 08:09:01 pm

Started by meyer980 - Last post by meyer980

New Chip N Dale movie out this weekend, a Rescue Rangers themed arcade cabinet can be spotted in the garage scene. Looks to be almost a Galaga style cabinet, running the NES game on an LCD. Has just a single joystick though which is several buttons short of what you'd need to play!

Looking closer, I'm not positive it's the NES game. The UI doesn't quite match up.

Still fun to see.

Edit: found another shot, definitely NES game.

Started by Nitro0602 - Last post by PL1

Here's a first draft version of the "hub and bat" code for the above-the-panel part of this controller.

Code: [Select]
// Hub and Bat - Bat Controller (v0)

// The diameter values may need to be *very slightly* larger to account for the 180-sided polygon used to render circles -- see "undersized holes" at

//  Adjustable variables

// Hub body variables
HubHeight = 40; // Overall hub height

HubDia = 25; // Hub diameter

HubTopHeight = 8; // Rounded hub top height

// Bat variables
BatLength = 75; // Overall length of the bat

BatBarrelLength = 35; // Length of the bat barrel (the large un-tapered part of the bat)

BatBarrelRound = 4; // Length of the rounded end of the bat barrel

BatDia = 12; // Diameter of the bat barrel

BatHandleDia = 7; // Diameter of the bat handle

StandDia = 8; // Diameter of the cylinder that fills the gap between the hub and bat knob

StandHeight = 4; // Height of the cylinder that fills the gap between the hub and bat knob

KnobDia = 12; // Diameter of the bat knob

KnobHeight = 6; // Height of the bat knob

KnobOffset = 0.8; // Distance the knob is moved to remove the gap between the knob and stand

// Shaft collar and screw variables
ShaftCollarOD = 13.2; // Shaft collar outer diameter

ShaftCollarHeight = 8.1; // Shaft collar height

ShaftCollarScrewDia = 4.85; // Shaft collar screw diameter

ShaftCollarOffset = 20; // Distance from top of hub to center of shaft collar

SocketCapScrewHeadDia = 8; // Diameter of the socket cap screw head hole

SocketCapScrewHeadDepth = 10; // Depth of the socket cap screw head hole

// Number of fragments (polygon sides) used to render a full circle.
    $fn = 180; // Default = 180  Typical range = 6 - 360
    // 6 will render a circular hole as a hexagon, 8 will render a circular hole as an octagon.
    // Lower the number for faster rendering, raise the number for smoother rendering.

//  Make the part

difference(){ // Hub and bat shapes minus shaft collar holes, shaft collar setscrew notch, and setscrew holes

union(){ // Hub and bat shapes

// Hub body
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, 0, HubHeight/2 - HubTopHeight/4])
cylinder (HubHeight - HubTopHeight/2, d = HubDia, center=true);

// Hub rounded top
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, 0, HubHeight - HubTopHeight/2])
scale ([1, 1, HubTopHeight/HubDia])
sphere (d = HubDia, center=true);

// Bat stand (fills the gap between the hub and bat knob)
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, HubDia/2 - StandHeight/2, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
rotate([90, 0, 0])
cylinder (StandHeight, d = StandDia, center=true);

// Bat knob
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, HubDia/2 + KnobHeight/2 - KnobOffset, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
rotate([90, 0, 0])
sphere (d = KnobDia, center=true);

// Bat body
hull(){ // Shape enclosing the handle and barrel spheres

// Handle
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, HubDia/2 + KnobHeight/2, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
rotate([90, 0, 0])
cylinder (KnobHeight, d = BatHandleDia, center=true);

// Lower barrel sphere
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, HubDia/2 + BatLength - BatBarrelLength, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
rotate([90, 0, 0])
sphere (d = BatDia, center=true);

// Upper barrel sphere
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, HubDia/2 + BatLength - BatBarrelRound/2, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
rotate([90, 0, 0])
sphere (d = BatDia, center=true);

} // End shape enclosing the handle and barrel spheres
} // End hub and bat shapes

// Remove shaft collar holes, shaft collar setscrew notch, and setscrew holes from the hub and bat shapes

// Shaft collar hole
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, 0, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
cylinder (ShaftCollarHeight, d = ShaftCollarOD, center=true);

// Shaft collar hole through hub (enlarged)
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, 0, HubHeight/2 - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
cylinder (HubHeight - ShaftCollarHeight + .01, d1 = ShaftCollarOD + 0.5, d2 = ShaftCollarOD, center=true);

// Shaft collar setscrew notch
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, ShaftCollarOD/2, HubHeight/2 - ShaftCollarOffset/4])
cube ([ShaftCollarScrewDia, 0.8, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2 + 0.1], center=true);

// Setscrew hole
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, HubDia/2 + BatLength/2, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
rotate([90, 0, 0])
cylinder (HubDia/2 + BatLength + 2, d = ShaftCollarScrewDia, center=true);

// Socket cap screw head hole
rotate([90, 0, 0])
translate([0, HubDia/2 + BatLength - SocketCapScrewHeadDepth/2, HubHeight - ShaftCollarOffset/2])
rotate([90, 0, 0])
*cylinder (SocketCapScrewHeadDepth, d = SocketCapScrewHeadDia, center=true);
// Note regarding the previous line of code:
// "*cylinder" ==> don't include this hole (use for headless screws like setscrews)
// "cylinder" ==> include this hole (use for screws with heads like socket cap screws)

} // End hub and bat shapes minus shaft collar holes, shaft collar setscrew notch, and setscrew holes

To see the model in 3d, install OpenSCAD, copy the code above into the editor window, and press F5 or click on the "preview" icon. (3rd from right in this screenshot)

The "hub and bat" code above is parametric so you can adjust any variable on lines 10 - 50 to change the model.
- For example, to change the diameter of the bat barrel from 12mm to 16mm, change line 24 "BatDia = 12;" to "BatDia = 16;" then F5 or "preview" to update the view.

To generate a 3d printable STL file, you'll need to render the model before it will export as an STL.
- Press F6 or click on the "render" icon. (2nd from right)
- When OpenSCAD finishes rendering the model, click on the "STL" icon. (farthest right)


Next thing to do is measure how stretchy the spring is so the cam is the right diameter.   ;D


7   Lightguns / Re: Aliens Arcade GUNS + mamehooker need help on Yesterday at 04:52:49 pm

Started by bandicoot - Last post by Boomslang

Hi guys,

Xx_Strike_xX has couple of these guns and sent me a message asking how to get recoil working with games which doesn't pulse value for recoil etc

so for TeknoParrot games etc ive added a small change for Output Blaster now inside OutputBlaster.ini will be a AutoRecoilPulse=0, if you change this to 1 then recoil will pulse the value on and off to allow recoil to function, adjust the Sleep= for how quickly value will pulse.

He said 25 was spot on for Sleep Value.

Maybe it helps some people,


8   GroovyMAME / How to add a 1280x800 modeline?on Yesterday at 03:07:35 pm

Started by simantic - Last post by simantic

Hi everyone.

I have an arcade cab with:
- monitor arcade 15khz
- ATI Radeon HD 4890 1 GB RAM
- Windows 7 64bit Embedded Sp1
- CRT Emudriver 2.0
- GroovyMame

The maximum resolution available is 800x560.

Is it possible to install a resolution of 1280x800 only to configure the various games through Team Viewer or UltraVNC?
I have tried with VMMaker but I didn't succeed.

Best Regards

9   Lightguns / Re: Aimtrak Power Supply for recoilon Yesterday at 02:08:08 pm

Started by MrThunderwing - Last post by MrThunderwing

Welp, got the gun in the post earlier in the week and have finally had a chance to set it up and have a play around with it today. Pretty happy with it all-in-all, although couldn't get everything to play nice with it. After a bit of configuring and calibrating, Supermodel, Model 2 emulator and MAME all work OK. House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn also works great, so that's pretty awesome.

Time Crisis 5 doesn't want to cooperate. Has always played OK with my mouse, but the cursor goes haywire with the gun. There's a lengthy thread on another forum where in the first couple of pages people mentioned about the cursor being way too overly sensitive in it with Aimtraks. I haven't made it to the end yet of that long thread yet to see if there's a fix. Light gun games in Teknoparrot sort of work, but the only button input they register is the left button on the side of the gun (which comes up as right button on the TeknoparrotUI when I try to configure the gun). If I press the trigger it still comes up as 'right button', but in game it'd only the actual left button that does anything. I noticed MAME was also not registering all the buttons as individual inputs, so for games with more than 2 buttons, I had to use a keyboard input.

I'm aware of DEMULShooter, but I know nothing about it, wondering if it might fix some of these issues. I've got the old PC version of House of the Dead 2, which I haven't tried in years - the game keeps opening in the wrong monitor (a much smaller one to the side of my main display) on my dual screen set-up, which is most vexatious. I tried turning the desktop back to single screen, but then the game doesn't start at all - it mustn't like the resolution or summat. I wonder if it might be easier to just try the actual Naomi version in DEMUL. Oooooh, I've just remebered about Virtua Cop 3 on CXBXR - I've only ever played that with a joypad, but I think there's an option for mouses (mice..?) now.

Hey guys,
I have these guns.. was wondering is there a way to get them to recoil constantly if you hold down the trigger?
I also have the sindens, but as much as I wanted to love them.. just don’t like the entire setup process, white borders, and the weak recoil due to it playing off a usb.

I almost want to see if I can put the aimtrak internals inside the sindens and keep the dpad

Anyways let me know if anyone one has done so for the aimtrak continuous recoil.

If you find a solution to this please pass it on. I'm still waiting on the PSU to arrive to test the recoil.

Edit: OK, just got the Naomi arcade version of House of the Dead 2 working in DEMUL along with Confidential Mission and Maze of the Kings. Trying to get Ninja Assault working but for some reason no controls work in it. Also got Aliens Extermination working too now in it's standalone launcher. All the buttons work properly this way, so that beats playing it in Teknoparrot. Was able to get the Aimtrak working with Virtua Cop 3 in CXBXR too, but was having the same issue of only one button working. I suddenly remembered though that I can swap the buttons around in the Aimtrak config, so I've been able to at least make that one working button the trigger, rather than one on the side.

Started by Wenis - Last post by Wenis

Everything has been taken
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