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Title: Considering buying a Rowe AMI CD100a - pre-purchase questions
Post by: jeroen on August 24, 2021, 11:17:13 am
Hi, newbie here.

I came across a Rowe AMI CD100a for sale. Owner claims to have purchased it from an establishment where it was in use and had it in garage for several years. He says it is in good shape other than needing a new battery (which I can solder onto the CCC) and "a good internal cleaning". The last part worries me a bit, it sounds like he is ascribing some symptoms to the internal parts not being clean, which could mean a whole lot more.

- how can I check that other than a dead battery, everything is working fine? Any error codes that would be expected vs those that indicate a big problem? If I clear error codes and go into free play, should the box work even w/o new battery?
- if everything checks out, what's the best way to drive this thing home (1h drive). I know you recommend keeping the juke box upright. Would placing it on a utility trailer upright be preferred over laying it down flat inside a car? I am concerned about the bumpy ride on a trailer. I would remove CDs, secure carousel, lid, title pages, etc in either case