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Title: Not Alwd HT ?
Post by: Keats on August 08, 2021, 04:17:58 pm
Does anyone have a list of the messages that can be displayed on the Rowe Ami CD-100 juke box?

I'm now getting a message "Not Alwd HT" when I try to play a specific disk. I know that it's initialized and I've played it before, but now I can't get the album to play.
It's set up to play free songs and free albums.

I did a restore to factory settings a couple weeks ago and reinitialized all the disks. I then reset the Free Play settings for songs and albums.

I have no idea what the HT stands for. I know that NI means :"Not Initialized" and AO means that the disk is "Locked out" but HT ????

Seems like everytime I get it playing the way I want it, something else changes in the CCC and I'm back to redoing the settings again.
I'm still trying to find a video or photos of the Title Page adjustment procedure. So far, no one has replied to that one...


Phoenix Az.