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Started by SpaceHedgehog - Last post by javeryh

Really looking great.  When it is finished it is going to look like it came out of a factory.   :cheers:

Started by SpaceHedgehog - Last post by SpaceHedgehog

Thought I'd just have a sneak peek at what it'll look like.

Started by dmckean - Last post by stinkyrob

The input lag on my MISTer setup is infinitely better than what I have on my RetroPie setup.  That's the biggest thing I've noticed.  Recently there's been a lot of work on the CPS-2 boards on the MISTer as well.  I can't speak to their accuracy, but they feel really good.

I've been playing on a CRT computer monitor hooked up using VGA via the standard IO board, using the scan doubler since my monitor only goes down to 480p.  I found a 20" CRT television with s-video at secondhand shop recently, so I hope to try that out soon too.

Started by lomoverde - Last post by lomoverde

An update on my progress:

 Ive remade the enclosure behind the marquee containing the led strip light.I did have a problem with the light leaking everywhere , but all good now.

Wired up the coin reject bulb.

Have to make a  cardboard bezel to go around the screen.

got these printed up for making my sideart stencils:


Printed on clear vinyl I had a slight hope they could go on as is but the clear parts are more smoky than clear.
Anyway Im planning how ill go about this,cutting out the main parts,then maybe using some of the off cuts in the corners to trace the detail on the rockets.
Im not totally happy with some parts of the art,but it seems my basic grasp of inkscape has been deleted from my brain during the last few months.So it is was it is and I just want to get it done.

When i painted the cab,I found the finish a bit chalky and worried about keeping it clean,so i put a couple of coats of this over the yellow:

Went on really easy and has left a nice invisible coat that can be wiped clean.However Im not sure how the stencil will bond to it now.

Can anyone recomend a paint that i can roll over the stencil ? Id rather not have to coat the whole side again with the laquer afterwards.

5   GroovyMAME / (Groovy)Mame Romsets cloneson Today at 10:06:15 am

Started by Moksi - Last post by Moksi


Since Groovymame works with the official mame builds

I am using Mame 0.236 Romset and the clones are inside of the main rom zipped . (contains mkla1 , mkla2 etc.)

I had a full romset that had the clones individually zipped (  , but the official Mame build doesnt recognize the clones. (one or more files are missing)

Im trying to setup a FE that allows me to select the clones aswell , FE probably have trouble recognizing the clones if theyre in one folder zipped.

Is it possible to have a romset with clones split individually to work with the official mame ?

Started by saint - Last post by lomoverde


Started by SpaceHedgehog - Last post by SpaceHedgehog

Side pieces trimmed and everything has been glued and screwed into place.

8   Main Forum / Re: NBA Jam Cabinet Dimensionson Today at 08:36:22 am

Started by TIGER8855 - Last post by TIGER8855

Yes, similar but not the same. I found a thread which shows the difference well.

9   Project Announcements / Re: DIY Skeeballon Today at 08:34:15 am

Started by retrogamedude - Last post by retrogamedude

Decided to redo the sides of the scoring area, made the top part too large and didn't like the sharp angle as a real skeeball game has curves, had to design the curve and use my way too dull flush trim bit which caused some burning but game out pretty good.  Still need to sand them smooth and looks much more like the real thing.  Also cut the circles out for the scoring area lighting as well as installed the red beacon on top of the game.  Found some spare red oak that i used for a different project and made them the side supports to hold up the scoring ring backboard.  Put it next to the lane and was glad to see the beacon is still below the joists in the basement, yay for tall ceilings.  Tracked down some more plastic rail covers including the ticket dispenser cover which is awesome, now to work on the ball return under the scoring rings and work on the ramp.

10   Main Forum / Re: BIG control panel project questions!on Today at 07:32:37 am

Started by FormulaFox - Last post by PL1

Cyber Sled... Cyber Sled.... CYBER ****ING SLED HOW DID I FORGET YOU?! :banghead:
Glad you remembered it before you got too far in the build process.   ;D

EDIT: Almost immediately after posting this I took to Google again and actually found a scan of the Cyber Sled operator's manual, which has a section on maintenance of the joystick potentiometers, thus answering my question. If my recollections are anything to go by, I could probably make microswitch sticks work, but it's probably best to just get some analog. *looks at the UltraStick 360FS price* Oh, boy, this is gonna sting.... But it'll be worth it.
Have you considered using a USB Playstation2 controller (or similar with two analog thumbsticks) for Cyber Sled?

Emulation for Namco System 21 games still has some rough edges, but there have been some recent advances IIRC.

Pretty sure you'll need to use a networking connection for a 2-player game, but I'm not sure about the current state of network emulation in Cyber Sled.   :dunno

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