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Started by shponglefan - Last post by RandyT

Brookhaven was one of my first as well.  It probably still is a great introduction for folks who have never tried VR, at least if they have a good ticker.

Another possibly interesting use for AR, again in the shooting genre, would be for use outdoors.  Hunting sims, backyard plinking, zombies, all overlaid onto familiar settings. Imagine the first field scene in Brookhaven, but actually in your own backyard at night.

Might feel a little too real...   

Started by shponglefan - Last post by fallacy

Raw Data, Brookhaven Experiment are some of the First VR 360 shooters Played. If you have a big enough room why not have it in AR. Extra points for animation of them crawling or falling over your couch.

Started by shponglefan - Last post by RandyT

Whether folks like it or not, it's the future of gaming.  I don't think it will render flat gaming obsolete, mainly because there are some physical considerations which will get in the way for some.  But it's never going away.

BTW, I just had an idea for AR which would be incredibly cool.  Call it a "Home invasion simulation".  Imagine being able to walk around your house, office, abandoned building, etc. and having the unit automatically map out doorways, windows, points of entry and maybe even walls to break through.  Then, having creatures, burglars, meth-heads, or whatever you are most scared of, coming at you from all of those points to take out with your favorite firearm.  I'd almost buy one just for that.  If done well, it could put any arcade lightgun game to shame and might even leave you with some PTSD :lol 

Started by shponglefan - Last post by fallacy

VR is never going to die. I still use mine like every day… for porn but whatever! My dad has still been playing Death Unchained  on the Quest almost everyday for well over a year now. In Fact it was my MOMs birthday yesterday, I brought my Quest, my niece and nephew brought their Quest and we used my parents Quest . I set up all 3 Quest to play the Rec Room, Isle Of Lost Skulls mission with my niece and nephew at the same time in the same room. It was like lan party gaming but in VR. They are like 13 and 11 and they were actually pretty good. It is amazing watching them adapt to using VR games and the quest like the way I adapted to playing games on the NES at their age. In fact my 11 year old nephew was telling me how to make a group party in rec room I was like ow shi@t

5   Consoles / Re: Neo Geoon Today at 09:46:33 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by Zebidee

lol, @nitrogen_widget, back in the era when games producers assumed only men (well, boys) could get into computer games.

There is an implied assumption that the gamer would be incapable of snaring a hot chick, so the ad tries to make them feel better about it by further implying that if they get a Neo-Geo they will then have a monster penis (with a face and drool!) that would require at least three hands to properly masturbate.

Geez   :dunno

Started by greymatr - Last post by RandyT

I don't think that approach solves anything, even it worked, which it wouldn't because it relies on border areas being non-black in color.

Honestly, there is no way to make the border visible to the camera, and not to the user, unless the border is polarized in a direction favorable to the one on the camera, and the player is wearing glasses with polarizers which block it.

This is the reason so many lightgun systems are based on IR light.  IR is in the part of the spectrum to which the camera is very sensitive, but also happens to be the part to which our eyes are very insensitive (almost completely.)  There is very little difference in the Sinden method, as opposed to lining the perimeter of the screen with IR LEDs, or even just beacons at the corners.  The LEDs have the advantage of not being visible to the player but have the disadvantage of requiring more math and/or fairly good precision in mounting.  Outlining the screen area directly on the display provides a better edge reference and no extra hardware, but at the cost of having it be constantly visible to the player.

There are probably some additional pros and cons in there somewhere, but that's the basic gist of it.

Started by Thenasty - Last post by Malenko

I mean you know you wanna ship it to me, maybe?

8   Everything Else / Re: So ... 3d Printers....on Today at 08:40:44 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by nitrogen_widget

I recently picked up an Anycubic Kobra. I have made an army of house hippos, the default owl test project, a penis raptor for a friend (look it up... wtf?) and am now working on some X-Men stuff for my daughter's Halloween costume (she's gonna be storm!) and mine (Mr. Freeze from Batman) plus some coasters with the logo of my friend's business on them. She makes all my swag and clothing for my company (t-shirts, key rings, stickers,  lanyards, pens, even a stencil so I can label my gear quickly.)

I've also designed a bunch of cookie cutters since the colder weather is coming and we will be doing more baking.

I have the Vyper and the Chiron.
Chiron is in a pile waiting for winter to work on.

I did print a fallout power armor helmet for my kid for Halloween on the Vyper though.
it had to be printed in 8 pieces (chiron would of handled it whole)  :banghead:. i tried using a 3d pen to fill the seams and it worked ok but using the squeeze epoxy from home depot and a business card cut to the curve of the helmet is working way better.

i'm also thinking of making the pip boy for him.
i've got a touch screen, rpi zero 2, and all the hardware needed to bolt it together.
he mainly wants it to play the fallout music while he's out with friends.
so i may attempt this without telling him so he isn't let down.

back up is $30 fake pip-boy that doesn't do anything but light up from the spirit store.
but i can give him a BT speaker and he can load the music on his phone.

9   Consoles / Re: Neo Geoon Today at 08:13:22 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by nitrogen_widget

for historical purposes.

Started by greymatr - Last post by TapeWormInYourGut

It's hard to tell what he means, but I can guess.

You have 2 images that are exactly the same except for one specific rectangular area in each image. You can compare the differences to find the display's outline. For example, take all the pixels of the first image that are black. Next, take the pixels from the second image that are white. The display's area would be all pixels that are both black on the first image, and white on the second image.

Another way is to compare pixels and remove all colors that are within a given tolerance range. Theoretically a rectangular object will remain since they're polar opposites.

I think a big problem is that this will be very slow.
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