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21   Main Forum / Re: Original Spy Hunter on Yesterday at 07:42:50 am

Started by spisi - Last post by spisi

I love the game! I have a MAME set up and it works great so I can play the game already. But nothing is as sweet as an original! The price is $4,000. That's way over what I'd like to spend on an arcade. But, if I felt that after I'm done enjoying it, if it still had value, at lest 75% of what I paid, then I would do it. I'm just afraid that in 10-15 years I won't find a buyer and I'm stuck with a $4,000 dust collector! LOL

Started by Grasshopper - Last post by Grasshopper

Hi, I'm looking to set up a simple Linux based read-only gaming system. I want it to be read-only at the hardware level.

In the past, I've found that the cheapest and easiest way to do this is to install the games and emulators on a full sized SD card, and then access the SD card through a card reader with the card's write-protect tab set to the lock position.

I've got several older (but rather slow) card readers that respect the write-protect tab i.e. if the tab is set to the 'lock' position then the reader will prevent any data from being written to the card.

However, I bought a couple of branded card readers recently, and they simply ignore the write-protect tab!

Does anyone here know of any currently manufactured (and preferably USB 3.0) card readers that still respect the write-protect tab?

Thanks in advance.

Started by Pstylz - Last post by Pstylz

18/08/2022 - UPDATE

Snuck a few more hours in today.
It's beginning to really look like an arcade machine now  :applaud:

24   Main Forum / Re: What coin mechanism would fit this please.on Yesterday at 05:33:07 am

Started by sgc1 - Last post by sgc1

Will take a look st them.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13

Comically and as per usual, pbj wins again with channeling Nostrodamus.

It had been a long while since I heard the irritating little gurgling, but last night I caught 17 cane toads up at the pond.
Curious to see how many I find tonight.

While I was at it, there was a family of feral pigs that snuck through a spot in the fencing that had a rivulet hollowed out under it I hadn't noticed before.
Took me the hour leading up to 2:30 am to chase them out because I didn't want to be dressing the damn things in the middle of the night when I had to work in the morning.

When the hell will I get back to machine work-

26   Meet-Up / Re: Centuricon 2022on Yesterday at 03:14:45 am

Started by Mike A - Last post by bobbyb13

That should be excellent fun.
Wish I could afford the time (and money?) to go.

I am neck deep in work and homefront development until Q2 2023 at my current pace.

27   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Sega Model 2 UIon Yesterday at 01:37:15 am

Started by Nuexzz - Last post by Nuexzz

I can't help you at the moment, sorry

28   Main Forum / Re: Original Spy Hunter on Yesterday at 01:10:56 am

Started by spisi - Last post by bobbyb13

If you like playing it then buy it.
If it is for speculative purposes you are buying at the peak of market price for the forseeable future I bet.

I love the game and over the past 6 months or so stockpiled all the parts to scratch build one with original hardware.

With you not mentioning the price it is hard to offer valid opinions here.

Started by negative1 - Last post by EvilNuff

They have really stepped up their game to fix some issues with the first generation cabinets. They are still on the flimsy side, but they really do work well in a typical home setting.

Agreed!  I have the A1up Tron and am quite pleased with it.  I very much want the a1up dragons lair and star wars (if they ever re-release it) and would be very interested in time crisis and maybe blitz depending on the controls.  My struggle is if I had the spare time I could just pick up a GRS yoke and make my own star wars to play the same games and a bunch of driving games, etc. 

Started by negative1 - Last post by leapinlew

All said and done, I have 4 Arcade1ups and if Time Crisis does indeed release with PB1 and PB2, it'll be a day 1 purchase.

My kids have 2 Arcade1ups that I just cut a couple Donkey Kong side panels to make risers for (paint next):

And the Gorf and Tempest which have been heavily modified:

They have really stepped up their game to fix some issues with the first generation cabinets. They are still on the flimsy side, but they really do work well in a typical home setting.
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