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Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by Zebidee

Cane toads. Like orcs.

When I was a kid, we lived in a Queensland regional capital. My best mates were 1-2km one way, another 1-2km the other way. Local shops (with arcade games!) the same. Few people. So sure, I was on my bike a lot, but often I found myself heading out into the dark (evening), without anything but my wits.

So, I found myself a 1-inch thick 6ft long piece of dal (round hardwood) and made it into my Monkey Magic staff.

I wrapped masking/paper/painters tape around it in stripes, so it was easier for motorists to see me walking on the side of the poorly-lit road on dark nights.

I feel that it also served as an effective warning on dark, lonely nights. Like they say, walk softly but carry a big stick.

To understand why... I've suffered bullies more than my share in my time. But nobody bothered me when I was carrying that stick.

Anyways, cane toads were always in abundance. So I always did my best to help the community. They were obnoxious and wildly excessive, killed native and pet animals, I practiced my art. With a twist at the end.

Skills gained, as a young adult was quite popular on the fire stick twirling circuit for a while.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13


I should start keeping a calendar of how many toad-sicles I make every night.

13   Main Forum / Re: Original Spy Hunter on Yesterday at 09:07:53 pm

Started by spisi - Last post by pbj

$4,000?  Where the hell do you live?

Started by Rataplan626 - Last post by clue

Hello. I made an account specifically to post this.

Since the creator of this software can't be bothered to keep the links alive, here's a mirror.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by pbj

Started by saint - Last post by pbj


Started by Grasshopper - Last post by Haze

there are hardware write-blocker solutions if you look for them.

these are important when trying to dump SD cards etc. because by default (even if you don't press a single thing) Windows will write data to any card / device that gets inserted (yes, even if you don't tell it to initialize the device)

as many cards for arcade games / consoles / plug and play systems contain raw data, not a standard filesystem of any kind, Windows doing this will destroy the data and break the games.

Linux in general tends to not write unless requested, but if you want to absolutely guarantee there are no write accesses, you need to find a hardware solution.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13

Last night's haul was only 6 cane toads.
They and all future bounty will get to slowly and calmly become toad-sicles in the freezer.

Started by Grasshopper - Last post by lilshawn

i think when SD cards moved away from consumer devices like cameras and into the world of computers as drive media, the write protect tab became a rarely used and ignored item... thus a device that respects the WP tab and also works on a computer is few and far most operating systems NEED to access the drive for writing.

perhaps this is something that might be better handled with software.

20   Main Forum / Re: Original Spy Hunter on Yesterday at 10:39:46 am

Started by spisi - Last post by lilshawn

Buy it because you want to play it, not because you think it will be worth more in a decade.

right. at this point, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you want to buy something to flip later on instead of buying it because its nostalgic to you or you enjoy playing the game... you may as well dump your money into crypto, it has about the same forecast.

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