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1   Project Announcements / Re: javeryh's Twin Tullyson Today at 04:19:15 pm

Started by javeryh - Last post by javeryh

Alright... I ordered the monitor glass:

Tempered Glass
Shape: Square/Rectangle
Thickness: 1/4"
Tint: Light Gray
Edgework: Flat Polish All Edges(1/4" thick, tempered, gray punch list time:

So all I've got left is:

- Cut bezel out of black matte board
- Cut back door panels to final height and install (probably with a cam lock up top?)
- Finalize the Marquee and CPO art
- Apply CPO, drill button holes and wire
- Install marquee and marquee LED
- Go to Micro Center and buy another Raspberry Pi 4
- Connect everything and final software configuration

That's pretty much it.  I'll knock out the first two items on the list by end of the week but I'm getting to the point where I'm going to be waiting on vendors to deliver stuff in order to finish.   :cheers:

Started by argonlefou - Last post by xbrunox

Hi Argon.
Thanks for your reply and sorry for my mistake.
I was well aware of the possibility of the third virtual button on the demulshooter (I also use it) but having been a while since the last time I had used it, I had forgotten about it!

however I found some problems with BEL in model2.

you have foreseen the use of 3 keys but in reality you need only 2.
in Bel it is not possible to reload, you can only use shooting or throwing bombs. (when you run out of ammo you need to shoot the barrels)

then there is a problem with the grenade button of player2 you can see it from the test menu. if you press it, the button is always pressed and does not switch off.

Thank you

3   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Sega cushion clipson Today at 03:40:05 pm

Started by fablog - Last post by lilshawn

I went to an auto store and couldn't find a clip with the good dimensions. Where do you find them guys?

you might have to try a few auto parts stores... these press fit type of clips aren't used much on cars manufacturers have gone to a 2 piece type clip that is releasable, reusable, and less prone to breaking... so these types of press fit clips have fallen out of use and are getting hard to find.

the new style clips would work and look pretty similar once installed... they are measured by the hole they insert into....basically what you want to do is measure your hole... say it's 8mm... you'd look for an 8mm clip. here is a link to a whole pack of different sizes and styles that also shows what size they are. maybe you could see if one of those might work.

an idea anyway.

Started by lomoverde - Last post by lomoverde

This is a lovely looking cabinet. Love the colour and the artwork.

I'm more of a Super Cobra man than a Scramble one though!  :cheers:

[goes to check out Rockstarprint ...]

Do you know what ? I prefer it as well now.  :applaud:

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by lomoverde

Bobby thank you so much for taking the time to explain your methods.

Im in a slightly different boat as im cutting my design from sheet artwork.I can only see similarities with the 2 tho,in so much as it sounds like the trick is all down to timing and removal.

I can picture what your talking about when you say peel at 90 degrees and slightly over the work area on the other axis.Any strands will then lie back onto the fresh paint and not surrounding area.

I wont clutter up your thread but if you get time and take a glance at the design Ill be working with:,164426.msg1749004.html#msg1749004

Im getting another set printed so i cut out the red on one,and the black with another.

Started by lomoverde - Last post by lomoverde

Ive remade the enclosure behind the marquee containing the led strip light.I did have a problem with the light leaking everywhere , but all good now.

Got any pics of this?  I’m currently trying to work this out…

Nothing special :

Theres 4 strips of wood,all overhang the recess about 1/4 inch,holding the 2 sheets of plexi snug.Then a board fastened to them with 3 rows of led strip on it.

Excuse my wiring i still have to tidy it all and replace some.

the bottom horizontal strip is glued to the cab,and holds the marquee in place when the light board is off.

When I remove the tube to fit the bezel,Ill be able to get my drill in,and will replace the screws with bolts into threaded inserts.

It looks a bit tatty but works perfect.

Started by saint - Last post by lomoverde


8   Consoles / Re: Barney Hide & Seek for Sega Genesison Today at 01:46:10 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by Mike A

Everything about this is hilarious.

Mental illness is nothing to laugh about.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

pbj needs help not mockery.

9   Consoles / Re: Barney Hide & Seek for Sega Genesison Today at 01:42:29 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by wp34

This game will hilariously play itself without player input.  He won’t interact with anything, but he will work his way to the exit in the right and and comment on everything he finds in his path.  This takes approximately 9 minutes for the game to cycle through.  You get a “bad ending” with no balloons and he says something like “you are my super friend.”  (I wouldn’t be surprised if 100% on the final farm level was all you needed for the good ending)


Started by Greenman - Last post by wp34

Very impressive.  I love how you added the virtual sounds to make it seem like 45's are getting loaded.

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