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Started by greymatr - Last post by RandyT

What good is a video feed from a dead monitor?  Unless I'm missing something, it's no different than not having that camera active at all.

The reason it blocks with the polarizer is because it is oriented 90-degrees to the internal one in the LCD panel.  For this to do anything, you would need a special LCD panel with different polarization on the border from the rest of the screen.  And then you would still only need one camera to use it.

And since your eyes aren't polarized, you would still see the border.

2   Lightguns / Re: Introducing the: X-GUNon Today at 11:04:11 am

Started by Ugo - Last post by RandyT

I also wonder, if it detects 3d positioning accuracy... for use in VR games?

Doesn't need to work in VR.  This is a real-world device.  VR guns only need to use a Vive tracker and have a means to connect to the pads underneath for the switches, or are simply a plastic shell which the actual VR controller slips into.

Finally... it looks like it might be Battery Powered.  I strongly am Against this.  Rechargable batteries only last
a few years... and they always seem to lack power, when you want to use them.

Wireless will always be better for a gun.  If you can fit a replaceable 18650 in the grip, that would be plenty for hours of gaming.  Solenoids should probably have their own add-on battery.

See you have mentioned BluTooth.   Not so good.

 Any wireless device Ive used, tends to last about 3 to 5 yrs, before the internal Radio fails.
 As for the connection speeds, I have concerns about data-processing and communication delay Lag.
Lag is a real issue with time-sensitive shooters.. such as  "Shooting Gallery" for the Sega Master System.
(Zombie shooters are garbage, and dont require any real accuracy at all)

And yet, a ton (perhaps literally) of 15-18 year old Xbox360 and PS3 controllers are still working fine out there.  These are used with twitch-shooters.  If it's good enough for that, it's more than good enough for a light gun and any game made for one.  VR controllers are also wireless and real-time responsiveness is far more important with those.  It takes a lot more time to extrapolate positional data than it does to transmit the resulting information to the system, so any perceivable lag will be due to that, not because it's wireless.

Started by Thenasty - Last post by Thenasty

Is $15.00 asking to much for all Joysticks?

B/O.. Pick up only

NNJ (Lodi/Hackensack/Paramus/Garfield area)

Started by Vater - Last post by Vater

That was the plan, and still is, but no longer a priority.  I really wanted to recreate the Virtua Fighter panel art with the metallic finish, but I haven't found a way to do this at a reasonable cost.  Until I figure out what would look good and really fit the rest of the cabinet, I'll deal with a plain black panel.

Started by b4nd1t0 - Last post by b4nd1t0

Hello everyone, below I will post a notification for new compiled versions of mame, for each (not always) new release.
Mainly I apply the groovy patch, the nonag, I enable the cv1k, lately I am also including the patches that haynor666 uses.
The builds I compile are usable on groovyarcade and on all linux distros (and windows of course).

As always, I thank everyone who makes their patches available and who are constantly working on our fantastic hobby.

you can download the previous and latest builds from my repo

I hope they can be useful to someone who wants to try a record attack with the wolf on crt (the generated file is absolutely not affected by the patches and is visible from the standard wolfmame) or try a new homebrew on a decent monitor  ;D ;).


Started by Endprodukt - Last post by Calamity

Did it, thank you! :) I wonder why the geometry settings don't save for me, but it's not so important. After a power surge my bios has been corrupted and I have to fix that now :(

They do save, but for some reason there's an error when trying to apply the changes (in your log). I don't know the cause of it. Might be an issue with bad timings caused by setting the geometry values a bit too far, can't say.

7   GroovyMAME / Re: GroovyMAME/ARCADE32/64 custom buildon Today at 07:18:48 am

Started by haynor666 - Last post by Endprodukt

Bummer! Have been trying to make my own HBMame version with your patch and gm, no success here.

Started by Endprodukt - Last post by Endprodukt

Did it, thank you! :) I wonder why the geometry settings don't save for me, but it's not so important. After a power surge my bios has been corrupted and I have to fix that now :(

9   Everything Else / Re: So ... 3d Printers....on Today at 05:42:59 am

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by BadMouth

Awesome!  I'm glad you finally jumped in.

Started by Endprodukt - Last post by Calamity

Why is it choosing that mode? That's weird. Can you tell me how to force 2560x0?

Because it's there. (It would be preferable that it did't choose it, I know)

In mame.ini, change resolution auto by resolution 2560x0
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