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Title: IPAC vs Zero Delay
Post by: Drakkorcia on November 29, 2020, 08:31:26 pm
I have built several cabinets using zero delay encoders, the simple Sanwa style or .187 2 pin plug and play encoders and they have always worked great. With 12 buttons and the 4 plugs for each joystick direction per encoder, I would always just run two encoders; one for player 1 and the other for player 2. These days trackballs, spinners and flightsticks are USB so I am trying to learn about IPAC. What is the purpose of these more complex encoders that require more wiring, splicing, etc instead of just connecting a spade connector to a button and plugging a 2 pin connector into a zero delay?
Title: Re: IPAC vs Zero Delay
Post by: bobbyb13 on December 01, 2020, 04:18:02 am
You will get responses all across the spectrum on this, and in particular instances, everyone is right  >:D

Lag discussions aside...

The zero delay boards only understand keystroke inputs (like what a regular old microswitch joystick and buttons will produce) so for a basic joystick/button panel they are adequate.

Interface boards from Ultimarc and GroovyGameGear for instance can convert the output from trackballs, spinners, potentiometer driven controls like analog joysticks and pedals, hall effect sensor joysticks, etc. into input that your PC or Raspberry Pi can understand.

These are things a zero delay board cannot do.

I can't speak to the actual speed/accuracy of Zero Delay boards and some of this depends on what you use for a computer and display anyway.

The zero delay and cheap joystick I bought for my first controls for my first control panel prototype were a horrible experience for me.
I abandoned those immediately for Ultimarc products and have been very happy with the results ever since.

Not only have the I-PAC2, Mini-PAC and U-HID I bought been problem-free, support from Andy (especially if you can ask very specific questions) has been stellar right on through and for what they are capable of, they are really easy to set up.

If you want to choose the right interface then you need to first decide exactly what you want to build for a control panel, i.e. what types of controls you want to use.

Exceptions would be a U-HID board or Arduino, because those can be programmed to mimic pretty much anything.
Title: Re: IPAC vs Zero Delay
Post by: Drakkorcia on December 05, 2020, 05:22:35 am
Thanks, that was very helpful.