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Started by Shaunvis - Last post by Fursphere

To maybe save you some time and expense, copper is VERY soft metal.  It's very easy to overtighten a screw and pull the theads out.  Just something to keep that in mind when deciding on your approach.

Second this.   If you had a copper BAR and were machining it, sure.  But copper tubing is extremely thin.  And it gets more complicated based on what grade you're looking at.  (and copper tube and copper pipe are very different products - keep that in mind as well)

Started by Shaunvis - Last post by RandyT

I just got the stick from you a week or so ago, is that the Proteus? If so it's 1/4-20 then?

That would be correct then.

Home Depot had some copper tubing that's slightly bigger than the shaft. I was going to try and put a coupling nut at the top of the shaft, use set screws to hold the tube on the nut, then screw the handle into the tube. Seemed the easiest and cheapest thing I could think of.

To maybe save you some time and expense, copper is VERY soft metal.  It's very easy to overtighten a screw and pull the theads out.  Just something to keep that in mind when deciding on your approach.

Started by b4nd1t0 - Last post by b4nd1t0

0.261 ready, sorry, I forgot to post the 260... old age is starting to take its toll  :cheers:

Started by wemr97dl - Last post by wemr97dl

The monitor is  G07FBO
I had the monitor repaired and got it back, the original problem was Verticasl Collapse? Just a thin Vertical Line.
The colors look great now, but the screen is slightly pulled down on the right side of the screen? Can this be adjusted out??

5   Main Forum / Re: Phoenix 26" Monitoron Today at 07:47:58 am

Started by DJO_Maverick - Last post by ZTylerDurden717

Looks like MSVX-Unico is going to update their ULM26 to 1440x1080.

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by danny_galaga

Zebidee- love it!

RandyT. Even with a circular runway, a tail dragger is hard to keep under control on the ground with just one brake working 😄

Started by SailorSat - Last post by buttersoft

That quote is from when Sailorsat was talking about changing IPs, or one of the following posts on the same subject.

The auto-coin-up is just the NVRAM recording previous coin ups IIRC. When you switch off, credits carry over. Delete the NVRAM file and when the game loads there' won't be any credits. Of course then you have to go into the service menu and set things up, but if you're doing that anyway...

Started by GaryMcT - Last post by ckas2

Hello @GaryMcT - just wondering if you ever solved this issue and if you ever wrote a plugin or patch for MAME that will emulate the IPAC style shift keys. I have recently moved to a joystick style controller and have used IPAC in the past forever and really wanted to get this going.

Please let us know if you ever made this work (14 years later!!  :o)!


9   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Hacking Outrun 2006on Today at 01:39:37 am

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by WingMantis

I managed to extract and convert more data from OutRun 2 SP SDX

Hi, any luck importing other car models into the arcade or OR2K6?

I just got I French copy of 2006 for cheap and was thinking it would be cool if someone modded in cars from other SEGA games like Crazy Taxi or Ryo Hazuki and his motorcycle from All Stars Racing.

10   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: fooling with m2emu networkon Yesterday at 10:26:50 pm

Started by SailorSat - Last post by jorgenjl2

If I remember correctly, UDP on did work fine on my Win7 development rig, but not on my XP64 rig in the cab.

She seems to be saying it should be fine for Win7 and up, but not on XP? I haven't even tried to run this yet, so i'm not saying i have any experience.
In later posts she talks about changing from to the local actual ip so that definitely seemed to fix part of the issue as it wouldn’t get past the black initial screen until I changed that. It fixed everything after that except for one pc flickering.

I tried using gpt4 to see if something is wrong with those latest settings but it was not super helpful. It suggested changing the pc that is master which is a good idea. Right now I can get both pc 2 and pc3 to each separately flicker in a 2 player race (using 3 linked cabs though). So I expect the pc 1 to flicker once I make it a slave in the set. It is just odd that I am pretty sure I had all three working with no flicker at one point before it came back again. Not sure if the issue is sporadic or if I just missed the flicker somehow.

SailorSat mentioned something about not starting the game with player 1 but I think that was referencing the 9th player preview if I recall and anyhow my player 1 auto starts and inserts a coin every time automatically whereas player 2 and 3 (after an initial race) allow me to insert or not insert a coin to start or not start those. I also wonder if an odd number of players (3 players in my case) is supported with m2lagfix.
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