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Title: Direct Player Error #zx_unzip script error. continue?
Post by: DeanoMaximus on October 15, 2019, 09:02:19 pm
Hi Guys!

I have a problem and im so desperate for help!

I have windows 10 and my maximus arcade (latest) version will not run......When I try and run the program I get "Direct Player Error #zx_unzip script error. continue?" If I click continue the program simply freezes, if I click NO then the program quits

I have tried downloading and installing it again and the same thing happens. I have tried loading the preferences.exe and that works fine UNTIL I click on the "interface" tab, then I get the pop up again...if I click continue it lets me carry on until I click another tab and then come BACK to the "interface" tab and the prompt re-appears

Whats strange is I notice that the resolution is always reset to 640x288.......and when I change it, and click close and try Maximus Arcade.exe again the same problem persists.....When I load Preferences.exe again I notice the resolution is back to fact, if I change the resolution and then click on another tab and then go back to the "interface" tab, I once again get the error and the resolution is back to 640x288

This made me think its not saving my changes, so I checked all the folders read/write capabilities and they are all fine and fully writeable

like I said, I tried more installs and still the same problem! Ive tried loading different skins etc but still no better

I tried going into the Theme Editor and tried saving the theme but oddly, as soon as I clicked SAVE, the same Direct Player Error comes up and freezes the editor

Then I had an idea, I downloaded Maximus Arcade Version 2.09 and BINGO it worked! It loads fine! So I retried V2.10 and nope still doesnt work

I really dont wanna have to go back to the old version because I want the 1080 resolution that the new version offers, can anybody please help me? I am so stuck!

Heres my specs, if it helps......

Razor Inc.
Blade Pro
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz  2.80 GHz
Ram 16.0 GB
64bit Win10 OS
Title: Re: Direct Player Error #zx_unzip script error. continue?
Post by: viking245 on November 26, 2019, 06:16:47 pm
Update video card software?  sounds weird but video cards can wreak all sorts of havoc on not just video stuff.