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1   Main Forum / Re: is glue necessaryon Yesterday at 09:03:08 pm

Started by AlienInferno - Last post by Howard_Casto

I never glue my cabinets and I think many of them are just about bomb proof.   The method I've finally settled on is to put 2x2s in the corners of joints to use as a surface to screw into... works great.   Gluing does add a lot of strength, but it becomes a pain if you want to change something or repair a damaged area.

2   Main Forum / Re: Chip N Dales Cabinet in Movieon Yesterday at 08:59:24 pm

Started by meyer980 - Last post by Howard_Casto

It's actually quite good... except for every scene with Kikki Layne.  She's just the worst and can't sell the fact that she's talking to cartoon characters like Bob Hoskins did back in the day.   Other than that, it's a very watchable movie and thankfully she isn't in a lot of the scenes.   

3   GroovyMAME / Re: How to add a 1280x800 modeline?on Yesterday at 07:37:44 pm

Started by simantic - Last post by buttersoft

It didn't work as you haven't changed the scan rate limit, it's still set to 15625-15750 Hz. And even then you had set the interlaced lines max to 800, not progressive.

(Number of visible lines each frame + v-blanking) x frames-per-second-in-Hz = scan rate

(800 + ~60) x 60.00 = ~51.600kHz

That's waaaaay higher than 15.75kHz.

Even better would be to add a new range line to your monitor.ini file. I would recommend adding a whole new preset, thus:
monitor "Custom1", "Generic 15.7 kHz + 1280x800", "4:3"
        crt_range0 15625-15750, 49.50-65.00, 2.000, 4.700, 8.000, 0.064, 0.192, 1.024, 0, 0, 192, 288, 448, 576
        crt_range1 51550-51700, 60.00-60.00, 2.000, 4.700, 8.000, 0.064, 0.192, 1.024, 0, 0, 800, 800, 800, 800

Then select it in VMM and try to install the modelines, including the 1280x800 one. If that doesn't work it's because the timings are off. I don't know what they are or i'd tell you. You may need to extract them by using a tool like CRU on the monitor in question, TBH i'm not sure with a VM/remote setup.

I would say the next step would be to read the monitor presets sticky - at least the first post in depth and a few more - and then come back and read through my post again. And repeat. You may also want to look up some info on modelines in general.

4   Main Forum / Re: Chip N Dales Cabinet in Movieon Yesterday at 07:20:14 pm

Started by meyer980 - Last post by Malenko

Is this the thing that they just added to Disney+?  I thought it was a new TV series - I'd watch a movie with the kids...

its a moooooovie.   I do like that they are still dressed like Magnum Pi and Indiana Jones.

Started by Sjaak - Last post by Santoro

Very sharp, I like it!

Started by rablack97 - Last post by JohnDoh

thanks for the tutorial

Started by Nitro0602 - Last post by PL1

The objective of this spring test is to determine initial values for the minimum and maximum amount of spring stretch/tension.
- If you're using a different spring than this one, you'll need to do this test to find the right numbers for your spring.

Test process:
- Draw a line on a board.
- Mount the spring on that line using a wood screw.
- Use something like a hook from a Harbor Freight hook/pick set to stretch the spring like a pinball plunger -- it worked really well.   ;D
- Mark the no stretch, minimum stretch, and maximum stretch points on the line.
-- Minimum stretch is slightly greater than the least spring tension required to turn the potentiometer so the cam is always pulled back to the bumper when the bat is released.
-- Maximum stretch is the most spring tension desired for this controller.
- Measure the three marks relative to the wood screw.

Spring stretch test measurements:
  No stretch = 50mm
  Minimum stretch = 80mm
  Maximum stretch = 160mm

The distance between minimum stretch and maximum stretch (80mm) is the distance we want to use for the cam circumference.

The formula for the circumference of a circle = 2 * π * circle radius.

The cam only turns 180 degrees (half of a circle) so the cam circumference = π * cam radius.

π * cam radius = cam circumference ==> 3.14 * cam radius = 80mm ==> cam radius = 26mm.

Next thing to do is write the code for the cam model.


8   Project Announcements / Re: DIY Skeeballon Yesterday at 03:15:08 pm

Started by retrogamedude - Last post by retrogamedude

Haven't had a lot of time until recently to continue the skeeball project, its just been sitting in the basement while I tackle other house projects

Started installing threaded inserts for the plastic ball covers, takes a while to get them aligned correctly

picked up a ticket dispenser cover and also a ticket dispenser along with a ton of tickets, figured if i am going to make it look like the real thing it had better work like the real thing.

Began test fitting the display and light unit, came up with a metal bracket system that lets me move it in all directions to fine tune where it needs to go

got the marquee installed and looks like my display fitment came out pretty good.

Decided I also wanted a coin mech instead of just pushing a button so I ripped out the 4x4 posts I had to begin mounting the coin mech, I had glued and screwed in the posts so it took quite a bit to get them out. The new coin slot is off to the left.

Figured while i was ripping out the front legs might as well do the back to make it look like the real thing with metal legs, came up with a system to mount the metal leg on the remaining 4x4 inside the cabinet

Finally got around to putting the 2 sections together, its just under 13 feet long, also working on getting the bumpers installed, I had bought real bumpers from the skeeball company but had to mod them and insert a metal bar to then attach to the sides, took forever but will be easy to take in and out if needed.

Bumpers in!

Started by bbegin - Last post by Bsachetti

So far, this is my favorite build for my arcade machine.  Very easy to use and works so much better with my I-PAC than Retropie or Batocera. 

Just a couple of items I've been struggling with.

1)  Performance of all vector games -- everything seems to run really well (speeds very close to 100%) except for vector games which are super slow with speeds from  15-25% typically.

2) Advmenu -- this won't run at all.  It seems to get the xml info from the Mame executable and then reports "No video mode available for your configuration.  Try selecting a specific resolution like with -display_size 1280x1024"

Hoping to have someone point me in the right direction on these!  Thanks in advance.

Started by argonlefou - Last post by bandicoot

 :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud:
What could stop you ??????????
Thanks for all your work , so appreciated
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