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Title: Xbox Captures not uploading to XBL
Post by: kalyubave92 on December 17, 2020, 05:32:12 am
Is anyone else having this issue? Since the end of November, none of my screenshots or game clips will upload to Xbox live. The screenshot is captured, and when I select upload it says that it was uploaded to Xbox live, but when I check on my Xbox or online it doesn’t show as uploaded and the only place I can see it is ‘on my Xbox’. Uploading to OneDrive works fine.

On top of that, i have tried to clear space on Xbox live storage by deleting older screenshots from Xbox live on my console. I cleared around 200 screenshots, but when I opened up the captures app again they still showed on Xbox live.

I have hard restarted my console and everything, wondering if anyone had any ideas or advice. Thanks!