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Title: Mame has stopped Accepting the number 2
Post by: hueffmea on March 27, 2020, 09:56:37 pm
I'm running Arcade Maximus 2.10 and I upgraded to MAME 0.218. I'm running it on a PC with windows 8.
Ever since I upgraded to MAME 0.218 I can no longer use the keyboard or Tankstick for the number 2 in MAME.
When I use the 2 player button it registers as Kbd2. If I hit it with notepad open it makes a number 2. If I use the keyboard and press 2 same thing.
The moment I open MAME and try to push the 2 player button nothing happens. I goto the config and set "player 2 start" to KBD2 and neither the two from the tankstick or the keyboard works.
I went into the config file and manually set 2 player button to KBD2 and even though it is set, it still doesn't register as being pressed.
To my knowledge all the other keys work. Just not the number 2.