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Started by negative1 - Last post by negative1

the pac-man countercade :


Started by negative1 - Last post by negative1

Review of Ninja turtles in time:


Started by eds1275 - Last post by Ond

Any one here a legendary expert in GameMaker Studio?   :cheers:

Nope but I'd be happy to help tinker with your problems if you care to collaborate again after all this time.

Absolutely!  That was so much fun.  A game like I'm thinking of is much more achievable than 'that' project  ;D.  I know you've done some game design (more than I have) so in the coming days I'll pitch what I've got so far - see what you think.  :cheers:

Started by javeryh - Last post by Ond

We know. Most veterans here have been using Core duo,I3, and I5 PCs in their emulator based cabs for years.  It's missing the point of the thread. Apart from supply issues  (Plenty of Pi 4s are to be gotten where I am) this thread seeks to highlight a new alternative in emulation choices. A ready to go, dedicated current MAME based image, on an SD card, slotted into the Pi 4 and you ready to go.

On a price point, with a select set of games, the Pi4 solution is very affordable compared to any current PC hardware choices and considerably easier to implement now that the hard work has been done by bbegin (and javeryh).


5   Main Forum / Re: Spinner recommendations in 2021?on Today at 10:20:57 pm

Started by stigzler - Last post by bollwerk

I've been very happy with my TurboTwist 2 spinners. I even managed to wire them into an Ultimarc U-HID. That was an adventure. =)

6   Main Forum / Re: Fast Encoder (2021)on Today at 10:18:49 pm

Started by D_Harris - Last post by bollwerk

FWIW, I've been using an Ultimarc U-HID (2 sticks, 2 spinners, 1 trackball, lots of buttons) with a Windows PC and never seen any noticeable lag.

Started by Baldbull - Last post by Zebidee

Maybe something else is putting extra stress on it. No harm in checking the caps. They can go bad even if they still look good.

Started by shawnzilla - Last post by pbj

Where did you get 9 boards?

Started by Baldbull - Last post by Baldbull

Well, almost 8 months to the day... while playing, the exact same issue is back again.

Hopefully the fix is the same :)

Started by shawnzilla - Last post by yotsuya

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