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1   Main Forum / Re: New Mame Arcade Questionson Today at 02:41:51 pm

Started by faulkkev - Last post by faulkkev

i found cable the track ball works like a mouse, but i am feeling quite dumb at moment been looking at the ipac controls.  i have attached what im starting with and will review notes above.  I have not tried to default set the mame controls or retroarch just yet. 

1. How the heck do i wrap my head around what the ipac is telling me?
2. Firmware looks older but i didn't understand the support site so i did not update it.  By not understand i mean it gave warnings so i didn't want to fobar up what i got.  I am not using retropie i did see that noted.

Incase it helps i attached Ipac and just what my controller board looks like.

Started by saint - Last post by fablog


3   Main Forum / Re: New Mame Arcade Questionson Today at 02:03:50 pm

Started by faulkkev - Last post by faulkkev

been sick all last week so i was delayed on moving forward on the setup, trying to get this thing working.  I fixed a wire to a button and got enough of the apps and emulators to work.  I am going to plug it into the cabinet and the IPAC, then run utility and see what it says and how long it takes for me to become confused.  Then ill try to figure out mapping the keyboard and i recall above there were comments about MAME and IPAC overlap, ill try to see if i can run with that.  I have retroarch as well so i wonder if ill have to figure that out.  Basically i have a MAME/Restroarch setup being front ended by launchbox. 

Comment above about track ball and cable.  Not sure if i have a cable or not i know there are wires going to the optical board and it jumps to the ipac.  I did unplug stuff when i moved it so if indeed it had a cable i should have it in the bottom of the cabinet. 

There is a sound card in cabinet and i think i saw speakers way up in cabinet ill jack with that as well when hooking everything up.

Started by dmckean - Last post by dmckean

They're gone again now, looks like they're only staying in stock for about 15 minutes at a time.

5   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Wind fan simulationon Today at 11:30:47 am

Started by codeena - Last post by codeena

hey Scott thanks for the reply. You just reminded me that I was going to try to hook up my Game Bike (exercise bike for the PSX/PS2) to my PC and try it on Prop Cycle, although the Game Bike only has left-right x-axis steering. But yes, that game would make sense to have blowing air too.

I never owned a blower fan for gameplay but I thought it was a cool (literally) effect with Raw Thrills' Super Alpine Racer. I recently purchased a deluxe Alpine Racer 2 and it does not have fans but I did see a photo from another cab that had them facing the player. Perhaps they were just regular fans.

Started by Greenman - Last post by emphatic

Emphatic it is a old but free bit of software called DW Jukebox,

Thanks!  :cheers:

Started by dmckean - Last post by abispac

MiSTercade is now back in stock and we thought you'd like to know.

Started by dankykang - Last post by pbj

A man of taste.  Offer the guy $500 cash in hand and go buy the parts.

9   Software Forum / Re: MAME scripty things!on Today at 06:19:49 am

Started by Stiletto - Last post by PL1

Thanks for being so thorough! 
Thanks for all your help with Github.   :cheers:

Seems like there are always typos that slip through -- just noticed that there's no step 3.   :embarassed:   :lol
- Line 55 should be step 3, not step 4.
- Line 59 should be step 4, not step 5.
- Line 63 should be step 5, not step 6.

Everything else looks rock solid.   ;D


10   Merit/JVL Touchscreen / Re: Megatouch ML-1on Today at 06:19:43 am

Started by MasterOfNone - Last post by MasterOfNone

Hey Mahkey, Any specific I7 3rd generation you'd suggest? And, would the onboard video be good, or will it still require a video card/daughter board? Thanks! :)
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